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Human Subjects Protection Statement

The following is a statement that PIs can include in their grant when asked about human subjects protections at RIT:

"RIT subscribes to the basic ethical principles underlying the conduct of research involving human subjects as set forth in the"Belmont Report." RIT's Federal-Wide Assurance assures compliance with the Common Rule in the Code of Federal Regulations (45 CFR 46) on the Protection of Human Subjects. The RIT Institutional Review Board (IRB), along with the NTID Institutional Review Board for protocols related to deaf education, is charged with ensuring the protection of human subjects in research. The IRB has the responsibility and authority to review, approve, disapprove, or require changes in research activities involving human subjects. All research activities involving human subjects must be reviewed by the Institutional Review Board. This policy applies to all research studies conducted at RIT, regardless of whether the project is funded externally, internally, or receives no funding support."