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Scott Franklin

School of Physics and Astronomy
College of Science
Director, CASTLE

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Scott Franklin

School of Physics and Astronomy
College of Science
Director, CASTLE


BA, University of Chicago; Ph.D., University of Texas


Dr. Franklin studies geometrically cohesive granular materials, a particular form of soft matter that shows dramatic entanglement. He is also interested in the dynamics of student learning in physics, as well as how physicists associate meaning with mathematical expressions.


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1 - 3 Credits
Masters-level research by the candidate on an appropriate topic as arranged between the candidate and the research advisor.
3 Credits
This course serves two purposes. One is to introduce students to metacognition, reflective practice and self-assessment. Students will explore how the continual assessment of one's own knowledge guides scientific progress in the development of both research and theoretical practice. The second is to apply metacognitive techniques to exploring scientific investigation from a combination of scientific, ethical and societal standpoints. Examples will be drawn from student interest, and may include topics such as: Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters, genetically modified organisms, indoor air quality, invasive species, forensic science. Metacognitive issues such as learning theory, stereotype threat and self-assessment will be explored for their role in the acquisition of scientific knowledge.
4 Credits
This course is a systematic presentation of Newtonian kinematics and dynamics including equations of motion in one- and three-dimensions, conservation laws, non-inertial reference frames, central forces, Lagrangian mechanics, and rigid body motion. This course will use advanced mathematical techniques including differential equations, vector calculus, and matrix and tensor formulations.
1 Credits
This seminar will assist students in their preparation for the Physics Comprehensive Oral Exam (CORE) required at the end of the course by presenting a unified as opposed to topical approach to physics. Physics majors must pass this course before going on to 300-level Physics courses.

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Journal Paper
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Published Conference Proceedings
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Full Length Book
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Published Article
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