Nanomaterials: To use or not to use

September 5, 2019 Dr. Elizabeth Moore ’19 Faculty: Callie Babbitt

The following learning module was created by Dr. Elizabeth Moore '19 as a student for public teaching use.

Nanomaterials are increasingly used in a variety of products and technologies because of their size and unique properties. However, the impact of nanomaterials on ecosystems is a new area of investigation for scientists and offers an opportunity for original and authentic investigations. This investigation will introduce students to nanomaterials, their life cycle, methods of research and the possible impacts of nanomaterials on the ecosystem. Students will also contribute their learning to the public’s understanding of nanomaterials.

Target Class/Grade Level

This content can be used for a high school Living Environment class (complies with Regents exam) or as part of the curriculum for AP Environmental Science. We believe the material can also be adopted for middle school science courses. Suggestions are provided for ways to adapt and/or expand upon these lessons.


3-4 Weeks

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