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An estate home adjacent to the RIT campus is being renovated into a welcome center and meeting space for returning alumni. more »

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RIT contributes to gravitational wave detection The scientific community is on the cusp of detecting gravitational waves, or “ripples in the fabric of the universe,” due in part to the work of RIT researchers. more »

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RIT launches new diversity leadership program W.O.C.H.A. (Women of Color, Honor and Ambition), a diversity program modeled after the highly successful M.O.C.H.A., aims to enhance leadership ability and build camaraderie. more »

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Info session for adult, part-time study candidates A program at RIT on Oct. 13 will provide essential information to prospective adult and part-time learners. The session will be from 5-7 p.m. in the Bausch & Lomb Center. more »

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Students receive Nathaniel Rochester Society Scholarship at RIT

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The NRS Scholarship program is made possible by the Nathaniel Rochester Society, RIT's leadership-level donors. This unique merit scholarship was created in 1991 to recognize RIT undergraduate students for outstanding achievement.

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RIT/NTID alumnus and deaf rapper Sean Forbes performed on campus.

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