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Class Notes (1980-1989)

1980 reunion 2005

Frederick Casper ’80 (GAP) is a technical sales manager for Agfa Corp., New Market, Md.

Jonathan Glesmann’80 (KGCOE) is an electrical engineer for Textron Defense Systems, Wilmington, Mass.

Bruce Katz ’79 (GAP), ’80 (CAST) is a senior staff quality assurance engineer for IBM Software Group, Lexington, Mass.

Francis Labate ’77, ’80 (COS) is an aerospace systems engineer for Scitor Corp., Chantilly, Va.

Michael Palis ’77, ’80 (KGCOE) is a senior simulation engineer for Hybricon Inc., Ayer, Mass.

Marc Turkel ’79, ’80 (GAP) is an operations manager for Microsoft Corp., Redmond, Wash.

1981 reunion 2006

John Bale ’79, ’81 (GAP) was elected president of Network of Writers & Artists Inc., (NOWA), a professional organization for independent communicators. NOWA members include writers of various specialties, designers, multimedia specialists, and video producers. His own business, Balefire Communications, New Providence, N.J., provides marketing consulting, advertising, graphic and Web design, photography, video and multimedia production.

Donald Campbell ’81 (KGCOE) formerly of Painted Post, N.Y., was inducted March 15, 2002, into the Corning-Painted Post Sports Hall of Fame for distance running in cross country and track.

Frank Colacicco ’81 (CAST) is an engineering manager for Energy Systems Group, Chicago.

Brian Davis ’81 (COB) is chief financial officer for IEC Electronics, Newark, N.Y.

James Freimuth ’81 (CAST) is an international marketing chief of e-learning officer for ILSC Int’l. Holdings, d.b.a. The J.L. Mars Enterprise, Mars, Pa.

Gregg Laguardia ’79 (GAP), ’81 (GAP) is a general manager for Choice Copy, Larchmont, N.Y.

William May ’81 (GAP) is a regional manager for Southern Graphic Systems, Newport, Ky.

Peter Sherman ’81 (GAP) is a woodworker for Blue Mountain Woodworks Inc., Hagerstown, Md.

Neal Weissman ’81 (CAST) is a packaging supervisor of oral care for Colgate Palmolive Co., New York City.

1982 reunion 2007

Ronald Arnone ’81, ’82 (GAP) is a photographer and owner of Ron Arnone Productions, San Diego, Calif.

Wendy Shank Axtell ’80, ’82 (GAP) is a photo finisher and developer for Wegmans Food Markets, Rochester.

Robert Bardel ’80, ’82 (GAP) is owner of Vision Media, Tampa, Fla.

Elizabeth Davis Clark ’81, ’82 (GAP) is a medical photographer for Plum Island Animal Disease Center, Orient, N.Y.

Kenneth Colvin ’82 (COB) has been named accounting manager at Northcentral University Online (NCU), a regionally accredited online degree-granting institution, in Prescott, Ariz. He resides in Chino Valley, Ariz., with his two sons.

Marie Bernhart Decory ’82 (CAST) is a functional analyst for Xerox Corp., Webster, N.Y.

Stephen Fletcher ’80, ’82 (GAP) is a photographic archivist for the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, N.C.

Ronald Linden ’82 (GAP) is a production manager for RPL Graphics, Dublin, Calif.

Perry Mann ’81, ’82 (GAP) is president of Mann & Co. Inc., Ramsey, N.J.

Steven Middel ’82 (CAST) is a business manager and consultant for General Dynamics Corp., Outer Harbor, Conn.

Gordon Pratt ’80 (GAP), ’82 (CAST) is a substitute teacher for the Ichabod Crane Central School District, Kinderhook, N.Y.

Robert Sterr ’79, ’82 (KGCOE) is a senior partner and vice president of Wachovia Bank & Trust Co., Charlotte, N.C.

Diane Towlson ’80, ’82 (FAA) is a public information specialist for Onondaga County, Liverpool, N.Y.

Robert Ulm ’80, ’82 (FAA) is a senior graphic designer for Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester.

1983 20th Reunion

James Blair ’82, ’83 (CAST) is a quality assurance manager for Lockheed Martin Corp., Syracuse, N.Y.

Derek Brink ’80, ’83 (COS) is director of product management for RSA Security Inc., Bedford, Mass.

Dino Cervone ’83 (COB) is a senior account manager for Standard Office Systems, Norcross, Ga.

Sharon Chesson Cochran ’83 (CAST) is a project manager for E & J Gallo Winery, Modesto, Calif.

Bradley Eaton ’80, ’83 (KGCOE) is a project manager for the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Kansas City, Kan.

Joseph Griffin ’83 (CAST) is a mechanical engineer for TiMetra Networks, Mountain View, Calif.

Laura Hamblen ’81, ’83 (GAP) is a freelance advertising photographer in Stanhope, N.J.

David Locke ’83 (CAST) is a manager for General Electric Co., Concord, Calif.

Ellen Crouch Moore ’81, ’83 (FAA) is creative director and owner of Ellen Moore Design, Bridgewater, Mass.

Philip Pelletier ’83 (GAP) is a computer specialist for Management Science for Health, Boston, Mass.

Robert Todak ’83, ’83 (COB) is general manager for the Bentley Beach Hotel, Miami Beach, Fla.

Andrew Whyte ’83 (CAST) is an emergency room physician for Sharon Hospital, Sharon, Conn.

1984 reunion 2004

William Abraham ’84 (CAST) is a program manager for New Product Innovations Inc., Powell, Ohio.

Denis Albright ’84 (COB) is a human resources manager for Fisher Controls International. Inc., Marshalltown, Iowa.

Carol Hoppe Bloechl ’82, ’84 (COS) is a senior engineer for Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester.

Randolf Bloechl ’81, ’84 (COB) is a comptroller for Spoleta Construction Corp. Rochester, N.Y.

Paul Brown ’82, ’84 (GAP) is an associate partner for IBM Corp., Philadelphia, Pa.

Christopher Clemens ’81 (COS), ’84 (COS) is senior scientist for Salus Therapeutics, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Raymond Kunzmann ’83, ’84 (GAP) is a production director for Pharmacia, Peapack, N.J.

Sean McNamara ’84 (COB) is an assistant dean for the college of business at the University of Louisville (Ky.).

Gary Myer ’84 (CAST) is a packaging engineer for L’Oreal USA, Clark, N.J.

Thomas Raiber ’84 (COS) is chief executive officer for Varmint Gitter, Medina, Ohio.

Kevin Sypher ’84 (CAST) is a civil engineer for Radon Construction Corp., Ronkonkoma, N.Y.

Thomas White ’82, ’84 (GAP) is director of development for the Inglis Foundation, Philadelphia, Pa.

1985 reunion 2005

Thomas Adams ’85 (CAST) is a data communications specialist for New York state, Albany, N.Y.

Edward Baxter ’82, ’85 (CAST) is a principal software engineer for EMC Corp., Hopkinton, Mass.

Thomas Beaulieu ’83, ’85 (FAA) is president and owner of Skymedia/
RISE, Boston, Mass.

Mark Bopp SVP ’79, ’85 (NTID) is a boat mechanic for Madaket Marine, Nantucket, Mass.

Lee Goldberg ’85 (CAST) has accepted a position as a sales representative in the Orlando and Kissimmee areas of Florida. After working in operations for 24 years, he is excited about this career change, which allows him to spend weekends at home with his wife and two young children.

Alexandra Hanlon ’85 (COS) is a biostatistian for Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, Pa.

Lisa Huff ’85 (KGCOE) is a project engineer for Nexans USA, New Holland, Pa.

Lance Johnson ’85 (CAST) is a project manager for Electric Boat Corp., Colchester, Conn. He started with the Electric Boat Corp. on a co-op job in 1983 and started his permanent career upon graduation.

Tiffany Koszalka ’85 (CAST) is an assistant professor of instructional design, development and evaluation in the School of Education at Syracuse University and was profiled in the fall 2002 issue of the school’s biannual publication, Education Exchange.

Stephen Noble ’85 (KGCOE) is a manager and assistant controller for Offset Impressions Inc., Reading, Pa.

Diane Israel Pulos ’71), ’85 (COB) opened a Pilates based weight training studio in August 2002 in Houston, Texas. After 13 years working for May Co. department stores as a buyer and 10 years as a homemaker, she earned her certification in both weight training and Pilates.

Marleen Radigan ’85 (COS) is a researcher for the New York State Department of Health, Albany, N.Y..

1986 reunion 2006

Cynthia Bartlett Bopp SVP ’82, ’86 (NTID) is a bookkeeper at the family-owned business, Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm Inc., Nantucket, Mass.

Robert Broccolo ’86 (KGCOE) is an engineering director for Microwave Data Systems, Rochester.

Michael Campbell SVP ’79, ’82 (NTID), ’86 (CAST) is a software designer and developer for IMC, McLean, Va.

Clifford Coburn ’85, ’86 (GAP) is director of post production for G4 Media, Los Angeles.

Christopher Cuoco ’84, ’86 (GAP) is vice president of manufacturing for CXO Media, Inc., Framingham, Mass.

Jeffrey Kivert ’84, ’86 (GAP) is a production engineer and project manager for Tama Mfg. Co., Inc., Allentown, Pa.

Michael Riley ’86 (CAST) was promoted to regional superintendent of operations improvement for CSXT Western Region in November 2003.

Joan Schopf ’86 (CAST) is a software engineer for Teradyne Inc., Waltham, Mass.

Gary Smith ’86 (COB) is an account manager for Certified Fire Protections Inc., Norcross, Ga.

1987 reunion 2007

Charlotte Bettina Arrocha ’87 (COB) is chief financial officer for CMPA, Inc., Grapevine, Texas.

David Ball ’81 (CAST), ’87 (CCE) is a database administrator for Bausch & Lomb Inc., Rochester.

Richard Barber ’87 (KGCOE) is vice president of sales for Gryphon Networks, Norwood, Mass.

Christopher Brenner ’87 (FAA) is a sales representative for Sun Microsystems, Inc. Somerset, N.J.

Dawn Sinay Brothers SVP ’84, ’87 (NTID) is a clerk for the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center, Syracuse, N.Y.

Scott Condron ’87 (COS) was promoted to managing director for BlackRock. He is responsible for a product group within BlackRock Solutions’ Risk Management and Technology Division. Scott and his wife have three children and reside in Armonk, N.Y.

William Darling ’87 (KGCOE) is a senior design engineer for Goodrich Corp. Fuel and Utility Systems Division, Vergennes, Vt.

Kevin Hall ’87 (CAST) is a section manager for process development for Bausch & Lomb Inc., Rochester.

Rebecca White Henry ’87 (FAA) of Ft. Collins, Col., received a Second Place Silver Circle Award from the City and County Communications and Marketing Association (3CMA) in national competition for the “Faces and Places of Affordable Housing” poster campaign. This 2002 outreach effort was spearheaded by the City of Fort Collins, and Henry designed the three posters. The project also was honored with an Eagle Award from Rural Housing NOW! at its statewide “Colorado Housing NOW!” conference.

Earl Hollinshead SVP ’83, ’87 (NTID) was named president of the board of directors for the Centers for Independent Living, Northern West Virginia. He also was named to the Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) by Governor Wise. He is also a freelance TV producer.

Tracey Schipp Householder ’85, ’87 (COS) is an instructor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the State University of New York at Brockport (N.Y.).

Robert Manuse ’87 (COB), has moved to the Washington, D.C., area and worked for more than 11 years for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) in a variety of financial management positions. He earned masters degrees in international transactions; and public administration) from George Mason University. Since 2000, he has worked as a management consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton. He is concluding a master of arts degree in applied economics at John Hopkins University.

Shahzad Paul ’87 (GAP) is chief executive officer for MobShah Group of Companies, Wheaton, Ill.

Aaron Pusar ’87 (KGCOE) is a regional sales manager for Arrow OEM Computing Solutions, Englewood, Calif.

J. Michael Reed ’87 (COB) is a portfolio manager for Bryce Capital Management LLC, Rochester.

Wendy Knapp Toth ’85, ’87 (FAA) is a multimedia designer for the SAS Institute Inc., Cary, N.C.

Eric Vanreet ’87 (CAST) is a software designer and developer for Allegro Micro Systems, Worcester, Mass.

Renee Vitullo ’87 (KGCOE) is a quality engineer for Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, Calif.

Randolph Williams ’84, ’87 (CAST) is a principal systems developer for SAS Institute Inc., Cary, N.C.

1988 15th Reunion

Susan Blixt Appleby ’88 (COS) is a post doctoral associate in biology at Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.

Melissa Craig ’88 (CAST) is a senior packaging engineer for Kellogg Co., Battle Creek, Mich.

Scott Dahl ’88 (FAA) and Sheryl Sommers announce the birth of their first child, daughter Sydney Sommers Dahl, born Feb. 19, 2003. Scott is a professor at the University of Michigan –Flint.

Michelle Donohue ’88 (GAP) is an environmental specialist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Conshohocken, Pa.

Kimberly Dunfee Reer ’88 (COB) worked in pharmaceutical sales in the U.S. prior to marrying her husband, Rudy, a German citizen, and relocating to Hamburg, Germany. She studied German and taught English as a second language and is the president of the American Women’s Club of Hamburg.

Kelly Floyd ’88 (COS) is director of human resources for Alfred University, Alfred, N.Y.

Joy Veradt Gentle ’85, ’88 (CAST) is an account manager for Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Inc., Waltham, Mass.

Gregory Gould SVP ’83, ’86, ’88 (NTID) and wife, Diane, welcomed a son, Douglas Ryan, on April 7, 2003.

Neil Gurwitz ’88 (CAST) is a data warehouse engineer for Blue Slate Solutions, Albany, N.Y.

Timothy Haley ’88 (CAST) was married to Dana Lee Campbell on Dec. 23,, 1988. They have a son, Sean Patrick, born on Jan. 31, 1999. Timothy served in Desert Storm on the USS Hawes. The family moved to North Carolina in May 2003.

Erich Kost SVP ’83, ’88 (COB) is a trust securities processor for PNC Bank, Pittsburgh, Pa. He was elected treasurer for the Pittsburgh chapter of Self Help for Hard of Hearing People.

Janet Latini ’88 (CAST) is an inside sales manager for Esko-Graphics, Ludlow, Mass.
Mitchell McClelland ’88 (CAST) is an engineer for Xerox Corp., Rochester.

Eric Meyers ’88 (CAST) is a senior information security specialist for DuPont, Wilmington, Del.

Debra Miller ’83 (COS), ’88 (COB) is a financial manager for Cendant Corp., Parsippany, N.J.

Thomas Mlodzienski ’88 (CAST) is a test developer for Axxcelera Broadband, Rochester.

Joseph Mulligan ’88 (GAP) is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for PAOMS, Byrn Mawr, Pa.

Derek Nelson ’88 (CAST) is the president and chief executive officer for Tech Collage Inc., San Diego, Calif.

Gregory Pizzini ’88 (GAP) volunteered for 10 years then purchased a franchise of vehicle rentals for disabled people called “Wheelchair Getaways” in northern New Jersey.

Christopher Smith ’88 (COLA) is an associate in the Business Litigation and Insolvency Department for Damon & Morley LLP, Buffalo, N.Y.

William Spath ’88 (COLA) is a police sergeant for the Rochester Police Department.
Terri Standish-Kuon ’88 (COLA) has been promoted to vice president for communications and administration at the Albany-based Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (CICU). She joined CICU in 1992 and has served as director of communications since 1994.

1989 reunion 2004

Eddie Ashley SVP ’84, ’86, ’89 (NTID) is a group leader for Parlec Inc., Fairport, N.Y.

Gloria Betlem ’89 (FAA) presented a solo exhibition of her recent pastel paintings, “Landscape and the Light II” at the Dean’s Gallery in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences, RIT.

Susan Jones Elias SVP ’84, ’89 (NTID) and husband, Jim, welcomed a daughter, Rebecca,on April 5, 2002. She joins sister Katie.

C. David Evans ’89 (CAST) is a systems analyst for NCR Corp., Berkeley Heights, N.J.

Frank Giaime SVP ’85, ’88, ’89 (NTID) is a senior claims service specialist for Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co., Melville, N.Y.

C. Harnett ’89 (COB) is a loan officer for Waterfield Financial, Melville, N.Y.

Helen Klimeck-Jones ’87, ’89 (COS) is a scientist for Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Rochester.

Michael Licata ’89 (GAP) is a freelance lighting electrician for film & television production, Orlando, Fla.

Michael Miklos ’89 (COB) is a facilities manager for Kelborne Robotics Corp., Ithaca, N.Y.

Christopher Sheridan ’89 (CAST) was co-recipient of the Douglas Zefting Memorial Award presented by the American Public Works Association in January 2003, Rochester, N.Y.

Michael Vanslooten SVP ’86, ’89 (NTID) has completed group training classes offered by the Housing Works Inc. to be a peer outreach educator. He works at Kohl’s Department Stores.

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