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RIT offers special help to recent veterans

RIT is now a “Yellow Ribbon” college. The federal designation allows veterans who have served since Sept. 11, 2001, to receive additional financial assistance for tuition as well as existing veterans’ benefits for housing and textbooks.

The amount of assistance will depend on their length of service, but eligible veterans would have most of their tuition provided by the Veterans Administration, the college and the state.

“There is really no higher cause one can have than a commitment to serve one’s country,” says James Miller, senior vice president for Enrollment Management and Career Services. “Given RIT’s history and the kinds of curricula we offer, it is only fitting that we take this important initiative to participate in providing increased access to RIT for those who have had distinguished service to this country.”

More than 300 RIT students are currently receiving veterans’ benefits. The Yellow Ribbon Program is now in place to accommodate veterans who enroll at RIT this fall and could be applied to undergraduates or students pursuing graduate degrees. Veterans transferring from other colleges to RIT may also qualify, Miller said.

In addition, RIT is reaching out to recent veterans who have suffered hearing loss – a top disability among veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Military Veterans with Hearing Loss Project at RIT/NTID will help those servicemen and women transition back to college with the assistance of classroom captioning, notetakers and counselors. Details are at

Greg Livadas