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Got the post tax-time blues?

April's tax-filing deadline leaves many folks wishing for more - more deductions. Solution? An RIT Charitable Gift Annuity - it offers donors both a lifetime income and a charitable deduction.

In exchange for a gift of cash or marketable securities, RIT will pay the donor (and a loved one, if desired) a guaranteed lifetime income and a generous charitable deduction as well. Annual income is based on age and ranges from a rate of 5.8 percent for 55-year-old donors, up to 10 percent for those 84 and over. For example: Stella Jackson donated $30,000 in July of 2001 in exchange for a gift annuity. Based on her age - 77 - she received a rate of 8.2%, with an annual annuity of $2,460. Because she donated cash, Ms. Jackson enjoys a portion of the income - $1,505.52 - tax-free. She also received a charitable deduction of $13,284.60. Ms. Jackson has directed that RIT use the proceeds for scholarship assistance in her late husband's name.

For more information about an RIT Charitable Gift Annuity, contact Bette Rolley, assistant director of planned giving, RIT, 116 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, N.Y., 14623, (585) 475-6566.