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Programs of Study

Programs of Study

College Abbreviations
CAST  -  Applied Science & Technology
CCIS  -  Computing & Information Sciences
CHST  -  Health Sciences and Technology
CIAS  -  Imaging Arts & Sciences
CLA  -  Liberal Arts
COB  -  Business
COE  -  Engineering
COS  -  Science
NTID  -  National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Other Symbols
**  -  Upon approval of the School for American Crafts, part of CIAS
§  -  Students in these programs may receive an AS in general science upon successful completion of the first two years
#  -  Dual degree (BS/MS) available
 -  This program has been discontinued. No new students will be admitted.

As a major technological university, RIT offers academic opportunities that extend far beyond science, engineering, and technology. We offer innovative programs in many emerging career fields that are designed to prepare you not only for today’s competitive workplace, but for the challenges you’ll face tomorrow as industries evolve and change.

Sorted by Degree Level

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Art and Design CIAS
Business COB
Computing Exploration CCIS
Crafts CIAS
Engineering Exploration COE
Engineering Technology CAST
Liberal Arts Exploration COLA
Science Exploration COS
University Studies Division of Academic Affairs

Doctor of Philosophy

Astrophysical Sciences and Technology COS
Color Science COS
Computing and Information Sciences CCIS
Engineering COE
Imaging Science COS
Microsystems Engineering COE
Sustainability GIS

Master of Science for Teachers

Art Education (Visual Art–All Grades) CIAS

Master of Science

Applied and Computational Mathematics COS
Applied Statistics COE
Astrophysical Sciences and Technology COS
Bioinformatics COS
Chemistry COS
Color Science COS
Communication and Media Technologies COLA
Computer Engineering COE
Computer Science CCIS
Computing Security CCIS
Criminal Justice COLA
Electrical Engineering COE
Entrepreneurship and Innovative Ventures COB
Environmental Science COS
Environmental, Health and Safety Management CAST
Experimental Psychology COLA
Facility Management CAST
Finance COB
Game Design and Development CCIS
Health Systems Administration CHST
Hospitality and Tourism Management CAST
Human Resource Development CAST
Human-Computer Interaction CCIS
Imaging Science COS
Industrial and Systems Engineering COE
Information Sciences and Technologies CCIS
Management COB
Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Integration CAST
Manufacturing Leadership COE
Materials Science and Engineering COS
Mechanical Engineering COE
Medical Informatics CCIS
Microelectronic Engineering COE
Networking and System Administration CCIS
Packaging Science CAST
Print Media CIAS
Product Development COE
Professional Studies Division of Academic Affairs
School Psychology COLA
Science, Technology and Public Policy COLA
Secondary Education of Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing NTID
Service Leadership and Innovation CAST
Software Engineering CCIS
Sustainable Engineering COE
Sustainable Systems GIS
Telecommunications Engineering Technology CAST

Master of Fine Arts

Ceramics CIAS
Film and Animation CIAS
Fine Arts Studio CIAS
Furniture Design CIAS
Glass CIAS
Imaging Arts CIAS
Industrial Design CIAS
Medical Illustration CHST
Metals and Jewelry Design CIAS
Visual Communication Design CIAS

Master of Engineering

Engineering Management COE
Industrial and Systems Engineering (formerly Industrial Engineering) COE
Mechanical Engineering COE
Microelectronics Manufacturing Engineering COE
Sustainable Engineering COE
Systems Engineering COE

Master of Business Administration

Accounting COB
Business Administration–Executive COB
Business Administration–Online Executive COB
Business Administration–Traditional COB

Master of Architecture

Architecture GIS


Applied Arts and Science Division of Academic Affairs


Deaf Cultural Studies-American Sign Language NTID
Diagnostic Medical Sonography CHST
Echocardiography (Cardiac Ultrasound), CHST
Exercise Science CHST
Health Systems Administration CHST
Performing Arts NTID

Bachelor of Science

Accounting COB
Advertising and Public Relations COLA
Applied Arts and Science Division of Academic Affairs
Applied Mathematics # COS
Applied Statistics # COS
ASL-English Interpretation NTID
Biochemistry COS
Bioinformatics # COS
Biology COS
Biomedical Engineering COE
Biomedical Sciences CHST
Biotechnology and Molecular Bioscience (formerly Molecular Bioscience and Biotechnology) COS
Chemical Engineering # COE
Chemistry # COS
Civil Engineering Technology CAST
Communication (formerly Professional and Technical Communication) COLA
Computational Mathematics # COS
Computer Engineering # COE
Computer Engineering Technology # CAST
Computer Science # CCIS
Computing Security (formerly Information Security and Forensics) CCIS
Criminal Justice COLA
Diagnostic Medical Sonography CHST
Economics COLA
Electrical Engineering # COE
Electrical Engineering Technology CAST
Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Technology # CAST
Environmental Science # COS
Environmental Sustainability, Health and Safety # CAST
Finance COB
Game Design and Development CCIS
Imaging Science COS
Industrial Engineering # COE
Information Technology CCIS
International and Global Studies (formerly International Studies) COLA
International Business COB
International Hospitality and Service Management CAST
Journalism COLA
Management COB
Management Information Systems COB
Manufacturing Engineering Technology # CAST
Marketing COB
Mechanical Engineering # COE
Mechanical Engineering Technology # CAST
Media Arts and Technology CIAS
Medical Informatics CCIS
Microelectronic Engineering # COE
Motion Picture Science CIAS
Museum Studies COLA
Networking and Systems Administration (formerly Applied Networking and System Administration) CCIS
New Media Interactive Development CCIS
New Media Marketing COB
Nutrition Management CHST
Packaging Science CAST
Philosophy COLA
Photographic and Imaging Technologies (formerly Biomedical Photographic Communications) CIAS
Photographic and Imaging Technology (formerly Imaging and Photographic Technology) CIAS
Physician Assistant # CHST
Physics # COS
Political Science COLA
Psychology COLA
Public Policy # COLA
Sociology and Anthropology (formerly Urban and Community Studies) COLA
Software Engineering CCIS

Bachelor of Fine Arts

3D Digital Design CIAS
Ceramics CIAS
Film and Animation CIAS
Fine Arts Studio CIAS
Furniture Design (formerly Woodworking and Furniture Design) CIAS
Glass CIAS
Graphic Design CIAS
Illustration CIAS
Industrial Design CIAS
Interior Design CIAS
Medical Illustration CIAS
Metals and Jewelry Design (formerly Metalcrafts and Jewelry) CIAS
New Media Design (formerly New Media Design and Imaging) CIAS
Photographic and Imaging Arts–Advertising Photography (formerly Professional Photographic Illustration–Advertising Photography CIAS
Photographic and Imaging Arts–Fine Art Photography (formerly Professional Photographic Illustration–Fine Art Photography) CIAS
Photographic and Imaging Arts–Photojournalism (formerly Professional Photographic Illustration–Photojournalism) CIAS
Photographic and Imaging Arts–Visual Media (formerly Professional Photographic Illustration–Visual Media) CIAS

Associate in Science

Applied Computer Technology NTID
Applied Liberal Arts NTID
Business NTID
Hospitality and Service Management NTID

Associate in Occupational Studies

Applied Computer Technology NTID
Arts and Imaging Studies NTID
Business Technology NTID
Computer Aided Drafting Technology NTID
Computer Integrated Machining Technology NTID
Furniture Design (formerly Woodworking and Furniture Design) CIAS
Laboratory Science Technology NTID

Advanced Certificate

Applied Statistics (formerly Statistical Methods for Product and Process Improvement) COE
Big Data Analytics CCIS
Database AdministrationCCIS
Engineering Psychology COLA
Finance in Health Care (formerly Health Systems Finance) CHST
Information Assurance CCIS
Leadership in Health Care (formerly Elements of Health Care Leadership) CHST
Lean Six Sigma (formerly Statistical Quality) COE
Network Planning and Design CCIS
Non-toxic Printmaking (formerly Non-toxic Intaglio Printmaking) CIAS
Organizational Learning (formerly Human Resource Development) CAST
Project Management Division of Academic Affairs
School Psychology COLA
Service Systems (formerly Service Leadership and Innovation) CAST
Training, Design and Assessment (formerly Strategic Training) CAST
Vibrations COE
Web Development (formerly Interactive Multimedia Development) CCIS

Associate in Applied Science

Accounting Technology NTID
Administrative Support Technology NTID
Applied Arts and Science Division of Academic Affairs
Applied Computer Technology NTID
Applied Mechanical Technology NTID
Arts and Imaging Studies NTID
ASL-English Interpretation NTID
Computer Aided Drafting Technology NTID
Laboratory Science Technology NTID