2021-2022 Distinguished Alumni Awards: Erin Sarofsky

The Distinguished Alumni Awards are presented annually by each of RIT’s nine colleges, the School of Individualized Study, and the Graduate School to alumni who have performed at the highest levels of their profession or who have contributed to the advancement and leadership of civic, philanthropic, or service organizations. It is the highest award an RIT college can bestow upon its alumni. The 2021-2022 recipients were honored during presentations throughout the spring semester.

College of Art and Design honoree: Erin Sarofsky BFA ’98, MFA ’00

Graphic design, computer graphics design
Executive creative director and owner, Sarofsky Corporation

How did RIT help to prepare you for success?

“I was one of those students that wanted to take classes outside of my core discipline, and RIT made that possible. Having all those perspectives infused me, not necessarily with expertise (because we all know a few classes doesn’t make someone an expert), but with a curiosity—the ability to communicate about other disciplines—and gave me an open mind, not just about art but also how technology could influence it.”

What is your career highlight to date?

“My first Marvel film main title, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, was the biggest moment in my career. It represents not only a huge creative opportunity, but also the years of hard work it takes to get to that point. I love that main title because it is minimal, beautiful, and so rooted in design. My studio still receives calls asking us to create projects using that piece as a reference. And I believe we will forever.”

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