Accounting Advisory Board

Saunders accounting programs are enhanced by the Saunders Accounting Advisory Board (AAB). Its members bring expertise from global companies to assist Saunders in delivering the highest quality curricula that maintains an applied focus and includes what employers are looking for in Saunders accounting graduates.

Rob DiMarco Headshot
Rob DiMarco
Senior Director, IT Applications North America


Alex Ermakov Headshot
Alex Ermakov
Senior Tax Manager
The Bonadio Group


Michelle Cohen Headshot
Michelle Cohen
Senior Compliance Manager
Monro Inc.
Jessica Drachler Headshot
Jessica Drachler
Allied Financial Partners
Karalyn Freitag Headshot
Karalyn Freitag
Finance Director
WildStar Partners LLC
Ved Vrat Gupta Headshot
Ved Vrat Gupta
Managing Director
Cherry Bekaert
Carlie Holiday Headshot
Carlie Holiday
Vice President, Financial Controls Manager
Tompkins Financial Corporation
Andrew Jacobson Headshot
Andrew Jacobson
Mach Alert, Inc.
Tracy Moran Headshot
Tracy Moran
Chief Financial Officer
Steve Morse Headshot
Steve Morse
The Bonadio Group
Robert Petrone Headshot
Robert Petrone
Senior VP and CFO
Lewis Tree Service Inc.
Michelle Prichard Headshot
Michelle Prichard
Senior Director of Internal Audit
Mike Reitz Headshot
Mike Reitz
Vice President, Assistant Treasurer
Constellation Brands, Inc.
Shayla (Sanders) Scott Headshot
Shayla (Sanders) Scott
Mengel Metzger Barr & Co. LLP
Tiger Headshot
Steve Solimano
Viele Solimano & Swagler, CPA P.C.
Sheri Watkins Headshot
Sheri Watkins
Chief, Finance
Monroe County Office of Mental Health
Linda Wiener Headshot
Linda Wiener
Allied Financial Partners
Lorraine Wolch Headshot
Lorraine Wolch
Gordon, Chodak, Chapin, & Wolch CPAs, P.C.