What to Expect with Saunders Building Expansion

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Saunders College of Business has begun construction on our building expansion, increasing our current footprint by approximately 80 percent. Plans for the 35,000 square-foot addition incorporate applied learning and collaboration elements, including; additional classrooms, applied research laboratories, event space, a large auditorium and student team rooms. To understand more about the renovation, we've put together some questions and answers below. Please submit additional questions to communications@saunders.rit.edu.

Why is Saunders doing this?

To accommodate its growth while creating a more innovative learning environment providing state-of-the-art facilities graduates find in industry. This expansion provides more opportunities for applied learning and creates additional spaces for students to collaborate.

Has construction started?

Construction commenced in the summer of 2022. The initial demolition phase is nearly completed.

What is its projected completion date?

The project is scheduled to be completed in early 2024. 

What impacts (if any) will the expansion have on the faculty and college while it's underway?

Demolition and driving foundation pylons into the ground should be completed by the end of September 2022, after which minimal disruption to classes is expected. Until then, accommodations are being made to move classrooms that may be affected by these developments.

Will parts of the building be unavailable to students during the project? Will any of the college's programs be affected during construction?

A new temporary entrance has been constructed on the north side of Lowenthal Hall to replace the front entrance, which was closed once demolition started. The Sklarsky Center for Business Analytics will remain open throughout the expansion construction. Students may access it with their ID swipe card, and the lab is currently at half capacity. Please see our facilities page for additional labs remaining open throughout construction.

What does the building expansion include?

This transformational project includes some of the following elements:

  • Student team rooms and flexible spaces to drive student and faculty collaboration.
  • A state-of-the-art auditorium to support distinguished guest lectures and events that enable the rich engagement of students, faculty, alumni, and business and community leaders.
  • Applied research collaboratories to support research focused on addressing contemporary business challenges.
  • A premier, multi-functional event venue that will also serve as a learning laboratory for hospitality-related programs.
  • A café with comfortable seating with snacks throughout the day and evening.
  • Additional classrooms and office space.