Finance Advisory Board

Saunders finance programs are enhanced by the Saunders Finance Advisory Board (FAB). Its members bring expertise from global companies to assist Saunders in delivering the highest quality curricula that maintains an applied focus and includes what employers are looking for in Saunders accounting graduates.

Stacey Bain Headshot
Stacey Bain
Chief Operating Officer
Catalyst, Inc.
Girish Bettadpur Headshot
Girish Bettadpur
Global GM, New Products
Franca Borthwick Headshot
Franca Borthwick
Apollo Global Management, Inc.
Steve Chenenko Headshot
Steve Chenenko
Former Leader of Investments Risk Management
David Ciocca Headshot
David Ciocca
Vice President, Currency Portfolio Manager
State Street Bank
Patrick W. Galley Headshot
Patrick W. Galley
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer
RiverNorth Capital Management
Mike Guarasci Headshot
Mike Guarasci
Polen Capital
Vipul Karundia Headshot
Vipul Karundia
Executive Director
Ernst & Young LLP
Richard W. Oswald Headshot
Richard W. Oswald
J.P. Morgan Asset Management
Christopher Petrosino Headshot
Christopher Petrosino
Managing Director
Quantitative Strategies Group, Manning & Napier
Sarang Rao Headshot
Sarang Rao
Gulfstream Partners
Srikanth B. Reddy Headshot
Srikanth B. Reddy
Group CFO, Advisory
Ernst & Young Global Limited
Gary Schwingel Headshot
Gary Schwingel
Treebrook Ventures, LLC.