Full-Time Graduate Students

Welcome Full-Time Graduate Students

Whether you are just setting out to start your career or change your career, a graduate degree is a powerful way to set yourself up for success. Saunders College of Business offers most graduate degrees in full-time formats, allowing the quickest and most intensive format to pursue your graduate degree. A full-time option gives you the flexibility to complete your degree at your own pace. Consider building in a co-op experience into your full-time experience to make the most of one of the oldest and largest cooperative education programs in the world.

Degrees for Career Changers

As part of RIT, Saunders graduate business degrees leverage the resources of a large technical university. This positions our graduates favorably in the eyes of employers looking to stay competitive in a business world that continues to rely more heavily on technology.

An MBA is an excellent choice for professionals looking to enter into a business career. It provides a solid core of business fundamentals shared across all businesses while also allowing you to choose a concentration to specialize in. Our specialized Masters degree programs are designed specifically to allow you to graduate quicker while specializing in one specific business discipline.

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