Rhyse Nier

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Financial Analyst
Precision Castparts

Current City/State
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Alum / Grad dates
'19 (finance and accounting)

"The Peer Mentoring Program was a valuable experience to me where I had the opportunity to cultivate not only agile leadership skills but refined interpersonal abilities. Being a leader is not a stand alone concept, in fact leadership is essentially a system that has multiple interdependent parts and being a part of a new program pioneering change offers valuable exposure to that system. I currently work as a financial analyst for an aerospace manufacturer in a fast-track program designed for leadership output upon completing rotational assignments in tandem with quarterly training sessions. My role requires an immense amount of focused work ethic, the ability to manage my own time, and be highly self sufficient in an intense, self-directed environment. The Peer Mentoring Program is being molded to offer various opportunities to grow leadership skills whether it be through business case studies, presentation of a pitch deck, or networking with other individuals and they are valuable to the skills needed in the workplace. My role requires quick thinking and the ability to solve problems with very little guidance and this is an aptitude developed over time through many of the experiences found in the Peer Mentoring Program as well as my own personal drive to succeed as a leader."