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3D Digital Design BFA

At RIT, you don’t just graduate with a degree, you graduate with the skills and hands-on experience to thrive in your chosen career.

RIT publishes full-time salaries, outcome rates, and typical job titles for graduates within six months of graduation.

Insufficient salary data exists for this program, though outcome data can be found below. The lack of salary data can be due to low student reporting or the program is new at RIT.

Student Outcomes 


Outcome Rates for 3D Digital Design BFA

Total percentage of graduates who have entered the workforce, enrolled in full-time graduate study, or are pursuing alternative plans (military service, volunteering, etc.).


Knowledge Rate

Total percentage of graduates for whom RIT has verifiable data, compared to national average knowledge rate of 41% per NACE.
Outcome % of Students
Employed 80.00%
Full-time Graduate Study 5.00%
Alternative Plans 0%
Outcome % of Students
Employed 80.00%
Full-time Graduate Study 5.00%
Alternative Plans 0%

AR/VR Designer; Architectural Modeler; Character Artist/Designer; CG Artist; Concept Artist; Digital Art Designer; Digital Asset Designer; Digital Sculptor; Environment Designer; Forensic Artist; Game Designer; Game Developer; Level Designer; Lighting Technical Director (TD); Motion Graphics Artist; Rigger; Special Effects Artist; Technical Artist; Texture Artist; User Interface Artist; Visualization Artist

Incredible Technologies; Signing Animation; Powerhouse Animation Studios, Inc.; Mainframe Studios; Game Changer Studios; Duncan Aviation; Dinobyte Softworks LLC; Cygnus Entertainment; Alchemy Games Limited; 3MetaD; Activision Blizzard; Dreamworks; Electronic Arts; Epic Games; ESPN; Johnson & Johnson; Microsoft Game Studios; Nintendo; Partners + Napier; Rock Star Games; Sony Pictures Imageworks; Ubisoft; Sony Interactive Entertainment America (Sony PlayStation)

Career Services Contact

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Gretchen Eshleman
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