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Salary and Career Info

3D Digital Design BFA

RIT’s 3D digital design degree will combine your passion for digital design with the skills needed to create virtual elements for game design, virtual reality, medical and scientific simulations, and more.

Program skills

From day one, students begin learning and using the same software that professionals use in related fields. Through state-of-the-art labs, students obtain skills in: game level and virtual world design, motion graphics and animation, 3D modeling, 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality, and character, vehicle, and environment designs. Student’s hands-on experience provides a background in concept development and implementation, programming and scripting, composition, visual effects, green screen, and motion capture.

Program facilities equipment

Fifteen state-of-the-art laboratory facilities are housed within the College of Art and Design featuring over $40M in up-to-date equipment and software packages.


Downstairs Digital Studio with Macs and PCs, Motion Capture Suite, Installation/Performance Studio, Game Room, ProCam Studio, Tangible Interface Studio, Stereo Studio, Resource Room


Maya, Motion Builder, After Effects, Python, OSC, Adobe Production Studio Premium, Final Cut Pro, Renderman, Synth Eyes, Mud Box, Toxik, Painter, Filter Forge, Unreal Engine, Vue, Orange Box Valve, Crysis, Mokey, Fast Track


Macs, PCs, 3D digitizer, haptic modeler, 3D printers, large format printers, Organic Motion Capture suite, green screen

Program job titles

AR/VR Designer; Architectural Modeler; Character Artist/Designer; CG Artist; Concept Artist; Digital Art Designer; Digital Asset Designer; Digital Sculptor; Environment Designer; Forensic Artist; Game Designer; Game Developer; Level Designer; Lighting Technical Director (TD); Motion Graphics Artist; Rigger; Special Effects Artist; Technical Artist; Texture Artist; User Interface Artist; Visualization Artist

Select program hiring partners

Incredible Technologies; Signing Animation; Powerhouse Animation Studios, Inc.; Mainframe Studios; Game Changer Studios; Duncan Aviation; Dinobyte Softworks LLC; Cygnus Entertainment; Alchemy Games Limited; 3MetaD; Activision Blizzard; Dreamworks; Electronic Arts; Epic Games; ESPN; Johnson & Johnson; Microsoft Game Studios; Nintendo; Partners + Napier; Rock Star Games; Sony Pictures Imageworks; Ubisoft; Sony Interactive Entertainment America (Sony PlayStation)


Outcome Rates for 3D Digital Design BFA

Total percentage of graduates who have entered the workforce, enrolled in full-time graduate study, or are pursuing alternative plans (military service, volunteering, etc.).


Knowledge Rate

Total percentage of graduates for whom RIT has verifiable data, compared to national average knowledge rate of 41% per NACE.
Outcome % of Students
Employed 80.00%
Full-time Graduate Study 5.00%
Alternative Plans 0%
Outcome % of Students
Employed 80.00%
Full-time Graduate Study 5.00%
Alternative Plans 0%

Experiential Learning

Cooperative Education and Internships

What’s different about an RIT education? It’s the career experience you gain by completing cooperative education and internships with top companies in every single industry. You’ll earn more than a degree. You’ll gain real-world career experience that sets you apart.

Co-ops and internships take your knowledge and turn it into know-how. Your art and design co-ops will provide hands-on experience that enables you to apply your artistic capabilities in dynamic professional settings while you make valuable connections between classwork and real-world applications.

Students in the digital arts BFA are strongly encouraged to complete a cooperative education or internship experience.

Creative Industry Day

Connect with Design Industry Leaders

RIT’s Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education hosts Creative Industry Day, which connects students majoring in art, design, film and animation, photography, and select computing majors with companies, organizations, creative agencies, design firms, and more. You’ll be able to network with company representatives and interview directly for open co-op and permanent employment positions.