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Applied Modern Language and Culture BS

Applied modern language and culture is a distinctive language degree that pairs a proficiency in Chinese, French, Japanese, or Spanish with a major in the arts, business, computing, engineering, or the sciences.

Program job titles reported

Bilingual Data Analyst; Bilingual Engineer; Bilingual Health Care Professional; Bilingual Web Designer; Foreign Service Officer; Game Localization Specialist; International Marketing Specialist

Experiential Learning

Cooperative Education

What’s different about an RIT education? It’s the career experience you gain by completing cooperative education and internships with top companies in every single industry. You’ll earn more than a degree. You’ll gain real-world career experience that sets you apart. It’s exposure–early and often–to a variety of professional work environments, career paths, and industries.

Co-ops take your knowledge and turn it into know-how. A liberal arts co-op provides hands-on experience that enables you to apply your knowledge in professional settings while you make valuable connections between course work and real-world applications.

The applied modern language and culture major includes a required international experience where students live, study, or work in an international location. Through study abroad or an international co-op, students immerse themselves in their chosen language, engage in cultural customs and traditions, and broaden their global perspective and understanding.