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Architecture M.Arch.

A NAAB-accredited master of architecture program that provides a well-balanced education that integrates design, technology, and research with sustainability to prepare graduates to enter the modern field of architecture.

Program skills

Students gain skills and capabilities in critical thinking and representation (NAAB Realm A), building practices, technical skills and knowledge (NAAB Realm B), and integrated Architectural Solutions (NAAB Realm C).


Adobe suite, Microsoft suite, Autodesk suite, Various energy modeling, and evaluation applications

Program facilities equipment

Aside from its generous studio spaces including scanners and output devices, the program has a Sustainable Building Materials Lab in the LEED® Platinum Golisano Sustainability Hall featuring an environmental chamber, 3D printer, wind tunnel, laser cutter, heliodon, and a variety of hand-held electronic measuring devices.

Program job titles

Architect (upon licensure); Project Designer; Project Manager; Intern Architect; Sustainable Design Specialist; Building Science Specialist/Technician; Assistant Professor

Select program hiring partners

River Architects; Reline Design Builders; A&T Engineering, P.C.; AGP Architects; Clark Patterson Lee; Cromwell Architects Engineers; Ehdd Architecture; Fukui Architects., P.C.; Greater Living Architecture; Hanlon Architects, P.C.; Kushner Studios; Passero Associates; The DDS Companies; Ware Malcomb


Outcome Rates for Architecture M.Arch.

Total percentage of graduates who have entered the workforce, enrolled in full-time graduate study, or are pursuing alternative plans (military service, volunteering, etc.).


Knowledge Rate

Total percentage of graduates for whom RIT has verifiable data, compared to national average knowledge rate of 41% per NACE.
Outcome % of Students
Employed 100.00%
Full-time Graduate Study 0%
Alternative Plans 0%
Outcome % of Students
Employed 100.00%
Full-time Graduate Study 0%
Alternative Plans 0%


The master of architecture program is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). In addition, the program is now designated as a STEM program in Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology (CIP code 04.0902) making international graduates eligible to extend their F-1 visas for up to three years in order to work in the United States.

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