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Engineering Ph.D.

An engineering Ph.D. that prepares the next generation of engineering leaders to tackle some of the most daunting and complex problems facing health care, communications, energy, and transportation.  

Program skills

The doctorate in engineering requires each student to address fundamental technical problems of national and global importance for the 21st century. Four key industries—health care, communications, energy, and transportation—are addressed specifically. These application domains impact every individual on the planet and are the focus areas doctoral candidates and faculty will contribute to through study and research. The college has identified several technology research strengths including manufacturing and materials, signal and image processing, robotics and mechatronics, heat transfer and thermo-fluids, performance and power-aware computing, access and assistive technologies, simulation, modeling and optimization, safety and security, and nano-science and engineering. Students collaborate with faculty members from a variety of engineering disciplines to bring these technology strengths to bear on solving problems of global significance in the application domains.

Program significant points

  • Students complete a qualifying exam at the end of their first year of study. The exam evaluates the student's aptitude, potential, and competency in conducting Ph.D. level research.
  • Students must present a dissertation proposal to their dissertation committee no sooner than six months after the qualifying exam and at least twelve months prior to the dissertation defense exam.

Select program hiring partners

Dassault Systèmes, Intel Corporation, ON Semiconductor, Toyota


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