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Salary and Career Info

New Media Design BFA

At the intersection of visual communication, design strategy, and user experience design, this new media design degree produces innovative creators of next gen digital media.

Program skills

Students are exposed to mobile and tablet interface design, website design and development, multiscreen interaction design for wearables to VR, user experience design and planning, visual design and layout, 3D modeling and animation for design, motion graphics and animation for interactivity, advertising and marketing, front-end web development, rapid prototyping for onscreen interactivity, and physical computing experimentation. 

Program facilities equipment

Extensive laboratory facilities (15 labs with over $40 million in up-to-date equipment). Labs are state-of-the-art, featuring the latest software packages used by the design and interactive industry for development across desktop computer, mobile and tablets. Dedicated New Media Workshop with VR, wearable, mobile and large screen devices, 3D printers, projection systems and tangible computing kits and resources.  
Software: Adobe Creative Suite, Maxon Cinema 4D, Sketch, Processing, with additional design and development applications and frameworks as needed.
Programming and Languages: HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, C#, P5

Program job titles reported

App Designer; Creative Director; Design Director; Digital Product Designer; Graphic Designer; Interactive Designer; Junior Visual Designer; Motion Graphic Designer; Presentation Designer; Senior Visual Designer; UI/UX Designer; Web Developer

Program significant points

  • Named by Business Week as one of the top 10 design schools in the country and one of the top 40 in the world, RIT's Design School is also highly ranked by U.S. News and World Report and Design Intelligence.
  • According to Business Insider, RIT ranks (#11) in The World’s 25 Best Design Schools.

Select program hiring partners

Ancera; Brand Networks; Consumer51; CurAegis Technologies, Inc.; EagleDream Technologies; Epic; Fiserv, Inc.; Google; Grammarly; Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; IBM; Instagram; Instrument; Microsoft; Netsville Inc.; Optec Displays, Inc.; Paychex; Playdots, Inc.; Punchcut; RIT - MAGIC Spell Studios LLC; RIT - School of Interactive Games & Media; Spayce; Spire Digital; Target; Total Wine & More; Two Bulls; Yext


Outcome Rates*

Total percentage of graduates who have entered the workforce, enrolled in full-time graduate study, or are pursuing alternative plans (military service, volunteering, etc.).


Knowledge Rate

*Total percentage of graduates for whom RIT has verifiable data, compared to national average knowledge rate of 41% per NACE.
Outcome % of Students
Employed 89.00%
Full-time Graduate Study 6.00%
Alternative Plans 0%
Outcome % of Students
Employed 89.00%
Full-time Graduate Study 6.00%
Alternative Plans 0%

Experiential Learning

Cooperative Education and Internships 

What makes an RIT education exceptional? It’s the ability to complete with real, relevant career experience that sets you apart. In the College of Art and Design experiential learning includes cooperative education and internships, international experiences, multidisciplinary projects, industry partnerships, and more. Participating in these opportunities is not only possible at RIT, but passionately encouraged.

Cooperative education, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities are optional but strongly encouraged for students in the BFA in new media design.