300 Level Courses

STSO-321 Face of The Land

Based on field trips and critical readings, this course explores how the land around us has been shaped and reshaped through a variety of geological forces and historical developments. By considering the natural landforms of the United States (and other countries, as appropriate), students see how the nature of land has determined its value. As technological innovations occur, old relationships with the land have been altered. Thus the course offers students a historical approach to the relationship of technology and society, as evidence by the landscape. The seminar format for this course will also advance students' writing, speaking, and research skills. Class 3, Credit 3 (S)

STSO-325 History of the Environmental Sciences

This course surveys the history of the environmental sciences from antiquity to the present. The environmental sciences include those sciences that deal with the Earth's physical and organic environments, ranging from geology and biology to evolutionary theory and ecology. A prominent theme is the influence of social, religious, and political ideas on theories of how the Earth and its plants and animals have evolved. Class 3, Credit 3 (varies)

STSO-326 History of Ecology and Environmentalism

This course explores the history of ecological science, from the eighteenth century to the present, and it features the political use of ecological ideas in environmental debates, from the nineteenth century to the present. We investigate how social and political ideas have influenced ecological science, how ecological concepts have influenced Western politics and society, and how different generations of ecological researchers have viewed their role in society. Class 3, Credit 3 (F)

STSO-330 Energy and the Environment

This course will examine contemporary energy issues, with particular emphasis placed on the environmental implications associated with energy consumption and production. Students will learn about various energy technologies and fuels (including nuclear, coal, oil, natural gas, solar, biomass, and wind) and the environmental tradeoffs associated with each of these energy systems. Class 3, Credit 3 (F)  

STSO-341 Biomedical Issues – Science and Technology

A study of the impact of science and technology on life, our view of life and of the value issues that arise from this impact.  Class 3, Credit 3 (varies)

STSO-342 Gender, Science and Technology

This course explores the importance of gender within Western science and technology. It considers how masculine and feminine identities are socially and culturally shaped, how sex and gender are being significantly transformed, and how rethinking gendered practices may help make science and technology fairer and more responsive. Cross-listed with women's and gender studies. Class 3, Credit 3 (varies)

STSO-345 Makers of Modern Science

Approaches the history of science through studying biographies of modern scientists. Modern science is understood to be science from the Scientific Revolution of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to the present. Emphasis will be on recent scholarship devoted to analyzing science in context, i.e., the way it actually develops through the lives of individuals, in particular social and political contexts. Class 3, Credit 3 (varies)

STSO-346 Technology in American History

This course explores the development of technology in American history, from the time of first contact between Europeans and Native Americans to the present. It emphasizes, for different periods in American history: the technological contributions of individuals or distinctive groups, the main features of important technological systems, and the way technology shaped--and was shaped by--the social, economic, and political institutions of the time. Class 3, Credit 3 (F)