Graduate Courses

STSO-621 Graduate Biodiversity and Society

This course explores the problems, issues, and values stemming from the current massive loss of biodiversity. Various justifications for preserving or conserving biodiversity will be examined.  Although principals of conservation biology are presented, the social/cultural dimensions of the issue will be emphasized. (Graduate standing in science, technology and public policy or environmental science; or permission of instructor) Class 3, Credit 3 

STSO-710 Graduate Science and Technology Policy Seminar

Examines how Federal and international policies are developed to influence research and development, innovation, and the transfer of technology in the United States and other selected nations. Students in the course will apply basic policy skills, concepts, and methods to contemporary science and technology policy topics. (Graduate standing in science, technology, and public policy, or permission of instructor.) Class 3, Credit 3 (S)

STSO-750 Sustainable Communities – Graduate Level

The concept of sustainability has driven many national and international policies.  More recently, we have become aware that unless we physically build and rebuild our communities in ways that contribute to sustainability, making progress toward that goal is unlikely. It is equally important to recognize the social/cultural context of sustainability.  In addition, it is at the local level that the goals of equity (a key consideration in community sustainability), most often achieved through citizen participation and collaborative processes are most easily realized.  This course will broaden students understanding of the concept of sustainability, particularly the concept of social sustainability. This course focuses on sustainability as a way to bring light to the connections between natural and human communities, between nature and culture, and among environmental, economic, and social systems. Working closely with local organizations, students will explore the applicability of theoretical concepts. Class 3, Credit 3 (F)  

STSO-789 STSO Graduate Special Topics

Allows examination of a special problem or topical area in the field of STS or Environmental Studies at the graduate level. Topics and specific content and methods vary from year to year or Semester to Semester. Class 3, Credit 3 (varies)