Student Gallery


Visit the IGM Gallery for great examples of our student work! See also RIT's Creative Industry Day to see a variety of our great student portfolios!

You can also view our recent New Media Team Projects! The New Media Team Project is the capstone project for students in the New Media Interactive Development degree program. Students in the degree collaborate with students from the New Media Design degree.

Bloom - Bouquet Design

Commural - Augmented Reality Murals

Sloosh - Interactive Campaign for a New Soda

FAR OUT - Share a Memory

Traveler - Explore 3D Hunter-Gatherer Communities

Project G.A.R.D.E.N.S. - Futuristic-agro Puzzle Game

Rhapsody - Music Maker &


IGM Student Gallery—We Need Submissions!

We are always looking for more student work to display in the student gallery. Be seen by potential employers, students and alumni, advertise your projects and skills! To submit work for potential addition to the IGM gallery, please e-mail the following information below to

1. Title

Title of the piece. Example: “Hexes.”

2. Tagline

A short tagline, which will show up on hovering over a project preview. Example: “HEXES! A Card Game of Whacky Wizardry!”

3. Author List

A list of all the author names and e-mail addresses. Ensure that everyone on the team has given permission for IGM to post your gallery submission.

4. Description

Short description for people to read about the project, which is shown once a project is opened on the site. Short Example: “Adventure Guild is a social, mobile RPG for iOS and Android.” For longer examples, see the gallery site.

5. Images

Separate 720p images are ideal. (Additional 24in by 36in images for printing are helpful). We resize for previews and the main gallery screen. Please ensure your name/group name is on the print version of the images.

6. Search Tags (Optional)

These are just words to search/sort by. These are highly recommended for sorting/searching/organization. Ex. Arcade Shooter, RPG, Unity

7. Logo (Optional)

At least 160x120px, roughly 4:3 aspect ratio. Example:

8. Videos (Optional)

YouTube or Vimeo links only.

9. Other links (Optional)

Links are just pairs of link text and URLs, for example, to a live version of the game, or your personal portfolio or Behance site. There is a maximum of 12 links, plus the Video link(s) above

Also, check out That Damn Goat - a new video game from the MAGIC Center!