Research Students in Computer Science

Current PhD Students

Asma Alnemari
Research: Differential Privacy for Counting-Range Queries
Advisors: Rajendra K. Raj and Carol Romanowski

Asma Aloufi
Research: Machine Learning on Encrypted Data in the Cloud
Advisor: Peizhao Hu

Moiz Arif
Research: Next-Generation Data Centers for Emerging Distributed and Parallel Workloads
Advisor: M. Mustafa Rafique

Angelina Brilliantova
Research: Multi-agent Systems
Advisor: Hadi Hosseini

Maheen Contractor
Research: TBD
Advisor: Matthew Fluet

Garegin Grigoryan Grigoryan
Research: TBD
Advisor: Minseok Kwon

Sahil Gupta
Research: TBD
Advisor: Minseok Kwon

Igor Khokhlov
Research: Data Quality and Security Evaluation
Advisor: Leonid Reznik

Eduardo Lima
Research: TBD
Advisor: Xumin Liu

Tong Liu
Research: Population-Level Label Distributions Learning
Advisor: Christopher Homan

Mahshad Mahdavi 
Research: Recognizing Handwritten and Typeset Math Formulas using Neural Networks with Graph-Based Attention
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Behrooz Mansouri
Research: Mathematical formula embedding
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Avinash Maurya
Research: Exploiting Multikernels to Accelerate High-Performance Data Analytics Platforms
Advisor: M. Mustafa Rafique

Hannah Miller
Research: TBD
Advisors: Edith Hemaspaandra and Ivona Bezáková​​​​​​​

Justin Namba
Research: TBD
Advisor: Michael Mior

David E. Narváez
Research: Constraint Satisfaction Techniques for Combinatorial Problems
Advisors: Edith Hemaspaandra and Stanislaw Radziszowski

Nibesh Shrestha
Research: Byzantine Fault Tolerant Protocols
Advisor: Mohan Kumar

Wenbo Sun
Research: Sampling Graph Structures Related to Chordal Graphs
Advisor: Ivona Bezáková​​​​​​​

Tharindu Cyril Weerasooriya
Research: TBD
Advisor: Christopher Homan

Sawyer Welden
Research: Multi-agent Systems, Algorithmic Economics
Advisor: Hadi Hosseini

Zhizhuo Yang
Research: Data-driven Framework for Realistic Self-Organized Virtual Humans
Advisor: Reynold Bailey

Timothy Zee
Research: Interpretability of Neural Models
Advisor: Ifeoma Nwogu

Wei Zhong
Research: Structrual and Semantic Similarity Search for Documents Containing Math Formulas
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi


Past PhD Students

Kenny Davila (2017)
Thesis: Symbolic and Visual Retrieval of Mathematical Notation using Formula Graph Symbol Pair Matching and Structural Alignment
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Zack Fitzsimmons (2017)
Thesis: Election-Attack Complexity for More Natural Models
Advisor: Edith Hemaspaandra

Lei Hu (2016)
Thesis: Features and Algorithms for Visual Parsing of Handwritten Mathematical Expressions
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Srinivas Sridharan (2016)
Thesis: Gaze Guidance, Task-Based Eye Movement Prediction and Real-World Task Inference using Eye Tracking 
Advisor: Reynold Bailey

Yuqiong Wang (2015)
Thesis: Effects of Virtual Humans' Facial Emotional Display on Persuasion
Advisor: Joe Geigel

Suhair Alshehri (2014)
Thesis: Toward Effective Access Control Using Attributes and Pseudoroles
Advisor: Rajendra K. Raj

Andrew Lin (2012)
Research: Solving Hard Problems in Election Systems
Advisor: Edith Hemaspaandra