Research Students in Computer Science

Current PhD Students

Abhinab Acharya
Research: TBD
Advisor: Xumin Liu

Kevin Assogba
Research: TBD
Advisor: M. Mustafa Rafique

Moiz Arif
Research: Next-Generation Data Centers for Emerging Distributed and Parallel Workloads
Advisor: M. Mustafa Rafique

Angelina Brilliantova
Research: Biological Networks, Multi-agent Systems, Stable Matching Problems
Advisor: Ivona Bezáková

Carlos Barrios
Research: Service Caching and Reuse in Edge and Pervasive Systems
Advisor: Mohan Kumar

Kevin Barkevich
Research: Using Deep Learning to Increase Eye-Tracking Accuracy and Precision in Virtual Reality
Advisor: Reynold Bailey and Gabriel Diaz

Jun Woo Chung
Research: Machine Learning Systems, Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
Advisor: Weijie Zhao

Md Towhidul Chowdhury
Research: Feedback intro programming courses
Advisor: Naveen Sharma and Carlos R. Rivero Osuna

Sergei Chuprov
Research: Robust Machine Learning Under Vulnerable Cyberinfrastructure and Varying Data Quality
Advisor: Leon Reznik

Pandita Deepak
Research: Humans-in-the-loop ML
Advisor: Christopher Homan

Abhisek Dey
Research: Chemical information extraction and retrieval
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Lalitha Donga
Research: TBD
Advisor: Rajendra K. Raj

Sahil Gupta
Research: TBD
Advisor: Minseok Kwon

William Gebhardt
Research: Uncertainty-Driven Lifelong Learning Algorithms for Artificial Neural Systems
Advisor: Alexander Ororbia

Faezeh Habibi
Research: Predictive coding, causal learning
Advisor: Alexander Ororbia

Zohair Hassan
Research: TBD
Advisors: Edith Hemaspaandra and Stanisław Radziszowski

Ali Khan
Research: TBD
Advisors: Fawad Ahmad

Kaleem Khan
Research: TBD
Advisors: Fawad Ahmad

Narayanan Asuri Krishnan
Research: Explainability of knowledge graph embeddings
Advisor: Carlos Rivero

Eduardo Lima
Research: Graph Neural Networks on Distributed Deep Learning
Advisor: Minseok Kwon

Huawei Lin
Research: Scalable Machine Learning, Security, and Trustworthy Machine Learning
Advisor: Weijie Zhao

Avinash Maurya
Research: Exploiting Multikernels to Accelerate High-Performance Data Analytics Platforms
Advisor: M. Mustafa Rafique

Bryan Manrique Amador
Research: Information Retrieval
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Hannah Miller
Research: Design of Computational Experiences for Undergraduate CS Students
Advisors: Edith Hemaspaandra and Ivona Bezáková

Jaiaid Mobin
Research: TBD
Advisor: M. Mustafa Rafique

Justin Namba
Research: TBD
Advisor: Michael Mior

Viet Nguyen
Research: TBD
Advisor: Reynold Bailey and Alexander Ororbia

Michael Peechatt
Research: TBD
Advisor: Cecelia Alm and Reynold Bailey

Jimmerson Robert
Research: Underresourced NLP 
Advisor: Christopher Homan

Ayush Shah
Research: Formula recognition and retrieval
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Allahsera Tapo
Research: Underresourced NLP
Advisor: Christopher Homan

Asya Vitko
Research: Theoretical CS
Advisor: Varsha Dani and Ivona Bezáková

Tharindu Cyril Weerasooriya
Research: TBD
Advisor: Christopher Homan

Beshani Weralupitiya
Research: Knowledge graph analytics
Advisor: Carlos Rivero

Shuang Wei
Research: TBD
Advisor: Michael Mior

Dongyu Wu
Research: TBD
Advisor: Arthur A. de Amorim

Zhizhuo Yang
Research: Generalizing Active Inference and Predictive Processing to Models of Perception and Action
Advisor: Alexander Ororbia and Reynold Bailey

Timothy Zee
Research: Interpretability of Neural Models
Advisor: Ifeoma Nwogu and Alexander Ororbia

Past PhD Students

Behrooz Mansouri
Research: Mathematical formula embedding
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi and Douglas Oard (University of Maryland)
Current Affiliation: Dept. Computer Science, University of Southern Maine (Assistant Professor)

Wenbo Sun
Research: Efficient Sampling and Counting of Graph Structures related to Chordal Graphs
Advisor: Ivona Bezáková
First Job: Software Engineer, NewsBreak


Kwon Y, Choi
Combination of Unsupervised Generative Models and a Syntactical Method for Music Symbol
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Asma Aloufi
Secure Outsourced Computation on Encrypted Data
Advisor: Peizhao Hu
First Job: Taif University, Saudi Arabia (Lecturer)

Asma Alnemari
Interactive Range Queries under Differential Privacy
Advisors: Rajendra K. Raj and Carol Romanowski
Current Affiliation: Taif University, Saudi Arabia (Lecturer)

David E. Narváez
Constraint Satisfaction Techniques for Combinatorial Problems
Advisors: Edith Hemaspaandra and Stanisław Radziszowski
First Job: University of Rochester (CIFellow)

Garegin Grigoryan
Leveraging the Programmable Data Plane for Compressing Forwarding 
Advisor: Minseok Kwon

Igor Khokhlov
Data Quality and Security Evaluation
Advisor: Leonid Reznik

Mahshad Mahdavi
Query-Driven Global Graph Attention Model for Visual Parsing: Recognizing Handwritten and Typeset Math Formulas
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi
First Job: Apple

Tong Liu
Population-Level Label Distributions Learning
Advisor: Christopher Homan
Current Affiliation: Appen

Kenny Davila 
Symbolic and Visual Retrieval of Mathematical Notation using Formula Graph Symbol Pair Matching and Structural Alignment
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi
First Job: University at Buffalo (PostDoc)

Zack Fitzsimmons 
Election-Attack Complexity for More Natural Models
Advisor: Edith Hemaspaandra
First Job: College of the Holy Cross (Assistant Professor)

Lei Hu 
Features and Algorithms for Visual Parsing of Handwritten Mathematical Expressions
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi
First Job: AppNexus Corporation

Srinivas Sridharan
Gaze Guidance, Task-Based Eye Movement Prediction and Real-World Task Inference using Eye Tracking 
Advisor: Reynold Bailey

Siyu Zhu
Text Detection for Natural Scenes and Technical Diagrams with Convolutional Features and Cascaded Classification
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi
First Job: Google

Shiraz Qayyum
Effective and Efficient Communication and Collaboration in Participatory Environments
Advisor: Mohan Kumar
First Job: Dell Inc.

Yuqiong Wang
Effects of Virtual Humans' Facial Emotional Display on Persuasion
Advisor: Joe Geigel
First Job: UBER


Suhair Alshehri
Toward Effective Access Control Using Attributes and Pseudoroles
Advisor: Rajendra K. Raj
Current Affiliation: King AbdulAziz University, Saudi Arabia (Assistant Professor)

Arthur Nunes-Harwitt
Toward Effective Access Control Using Attributes and Pseudoroles
Advisors: Axel Schreiner and Pengcheng Shi
First Job: RIT

Andrew Lin
Solving Hard Problems in Election Systems
Advisor: Edith Hemaspaandra
First Job: Google

Current MS Thesis Students

Kevin Assogba
Distributed Deep Learning Using a Serverless Architecture
Advisor: M. Mustafa Rafique

Ritaban Bhattacharya
Learning Riders' Preferences in Ridesharing Platforms
Advisor: Hadi Hosseini

Jacob Cozzarin
Acoustical Reconstruction of Culturally Endangered Sites in Virtual Reality Utilizing an Accessible Means of Measuring Impulse Responses
Advisor: Joe Geigel

Tanay Pramod Dusane
Generation, Verification, and Attacks on Elliptic Curves and their Applications in Signal Protocol
Advisor: Stanisław Radziszowski

Kushagra Gupta
Sampling crossing-free spanning trees in geometric graphs
Advisor: Ivona Bezáková

Paul Galatic
Divide and Conquer in Neural Style Transfer for Video
Advisor: M. Mustafa Rafique

Bhaskar Krishna Gangadhar
Rule mining in knowledge graphs
Advisor: Carlos R. Rivero Osuna

Joe Klesczewski
Combinatorial and Stochastic Approach to Parallelization of the Kangaroo Method of Solving the Discrete Logarithm Problem
Advisor: Stanisław Radziszowski

James Moir 
Soft Body Deformations Through Rigid Body Simulation of Voxelized Meshes Augmented with Bezier Curves.
Advisor: Joe Geigel

Sawyer Welden
Multi-agent Systems, Algorithmic Economics
Advisor: Hadi Hosseini

Yanliang Qi
Investigation and Analysis of Continual Learning Algorithms
Advisor: Alexander Ororbia



Past MS Thesis Students

Maheen Riaz Contractor
Improving the Flexibility of CLARA's Automated Matching and Repair Processes
Advisor: Carlos R. Rivero Osuna

Zohair Hassan
Graph Arrowing: Constructions & Complexity
Advisor: Edith Hemaspaandra and Stanisław Radziszowski

Robin Avenoso
Multilanguage Handwritten OCR
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Narayanan Asuri Krishnan
A new framework for knowledge graph completion
Advisor: Carlos R. Rivero Osuna

James Le
Meta-Rec - Meta-Learning Meets Recommendation Systems
Advisor: Alexander Orobia

Michael Peechatt
DANIEL: Towards Intelligent Test Case Generation
Advisor: Alexander Orobia

Aishwarya Rao
Calibration in knowledge graphs
Advisor: Carlos R. Rivero Osuna

Hitesh Vaidya
Reducing Catastrophic Forgetting in Self-Organizing Maps
Advisor: Alexander Orobia
Achievement: Conference paper (2-pager in proceedings, student abstract & poster program) accepted to AAAI 2022, arxiv version.

Khatri Ajeeta
Interaction Recognition in a Paired Egocentric Video
Advisor: Zachary Butler and Ifeoma Nwogu

Iti Bansal
Analyzing the Impact of Negative Sampling on Fact-Checking Algorithms
Advisor: Carlos Rivero
Achievement: Publication in CIKM 2020

Bowald Dylan
AR Comic Chat: Towards Robust Active Speaker Detection for Augmented Reality Live Captioning
Advisor: Joe Geigel

Gavin Nishizawa 
Visual Structure Editing of Math Formulas
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi
Achievement: ECIR 2020 Demo Paper (MathDeck: paper videoNEWS Story

Andrew Festa
Data Representation for Motor Imagery Classification
Advisor: Jeremy Brown

Sahaj Gandhi
Context Sensitive Image Denoising and Enhancement using U-Nets
Advisors: Thomas Kinsman and Alexander Orobia

Andrew Searns
Rethinking Resource Allocation: Fairness and Computability
Advisor: Hadi Hosseini
Achievement: CRA Undergraduate Researcher Award 2020: Honorable Mention; Papers at AAAI 2020, IJCAI 2020 (thesis results), ISAAC 2018 (REU with Ivona Bezakova)

Kunal Shitut
Using AR and VR characters for enhancing user experience in a museum
Advisor: Joe Geigel

Nitinraj Rajan Nair
Realistic Eye Image and Video Generation for Eye Tracking Applications
Advisor: Reynold Bailey
Achievement: Conference paper at ACM Symposiium on Applied Perception 2020 (Rendering of near-eye images for eye-tracking applications, Nitinraj Nair, Rakshit Kothari, Aayush Chaudhary, Zhizhuo Yang, Gabriel Diaz, Jeff Pelz and Reynold Bailey

Srinath Obla
Effective Activation Functions for Homomorphic Evaluation of Deep Neural Networks
Advisor: Peizhao Hu
Achievement: Publication in IEEE ACCESS 2020


Saylee Bhide
Experimental Analysis of Spatial Sound for Storytelling in Virtual Reality
Advisor: Joe Geigel
Achievement: Presented as poster at 12th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS2019) held in Snowbird, UT

Thomas Logan
A Mechanized Theory of Communication Analysis in CML
Advisor: Matthew Fluet

Jason Carr
Formally Verified Space-Safety for Program Transformations
Advisor: Matthew Fluet

Parag Mali
Scanning Single Shot Detector for Math in Document Images
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Abishai Dmello
Representing Mathematical Concepts Associated with Formulas using Math Entity Cards
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Antara Mishra
Tone Reproduction in Virtual Reality
Advisor: Joe Geigel
Achievement: Presented as poster at Symposium for Applied Perception 2018 (SAP2018) held in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Sanjay Varma
Strategic Behavior and Manipulation in Gender-Neutral Matching Algorithms
Advisor: Hadi Hosseini and Ivona Bezáková
Achievement: Best Oral Presentation and also the Best Poster at the RIT Graduate Showcase in November 2018

Kardo Aziz
Better Text Detection through Improved k-means-based Feature Learning
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Michael Condon
Applying Hierarchical Contextual Parsing with Visual Density and Geometric Features to Typeset Formula Recognition
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Victoria McGowen
Facial Capture Lip-Sync
Advisor: Joe Geigel
Achievement: Presented as a poster at SIGGRAPH 2017 held in Los Angeles, CA. -- Runner up for best student poster

Himesh Kakkar
Automated Grading and Feedback of Regular Expressions
Advisor: Edith Hemaspaandra

Kyle Savarese
Formal Verification of Voting Receipts in Chaums's Scheme
Advisor: Matthew Fluet

Rachel Silva
An Alternative Approach to Counting Minimum (s,t)-cuts in Planar Graphs
Advisor: Ivona Bezáková

Angel Cambero
A Comparative Study of Twitter Sentiment Analysis Methods for Live Applications
Advisor: Joe Geigel

Ameya Lonkar
The Uncanny Valley The Effect of Removing Blendshapes from Facial Animation
Advisor: Joe Geigel

Juraj Culak
Separators in High-Genus Near-Planar Graphs
Advisor: Ivona Bezáková

Wenbo Sun
Sampling and Counting Crossing-Free Matchings
Advisor: Ivona Bezáková

Charlene DiMeglio
Fear Feedback Loop: Creative and Dynamic Fear Experiences Driven by User Emotion
Advisor: Joe Geigel

Darren Stanley
Measuring Attention using Microsoft Kinect
Advisor: Joe Geigel

Mario Rosa
Large-Scale Cloudscapes Using Noise
Advisor: Joe Geigel

Laura Wieme
Perception Based Heterogeneous Subsurface Scattering for Film
Advisor: Joe Geigel

Keita Wangari
Discovering real-world usage scenarios for a multimodal math search interface
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

David Stalnaker
Math Expression Retrieval Using Symbol Pairs in Layout Trees
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Matthias Reichenbach
Improving Accuracy of Relevance Assessment for Math Search using Rendered Expressions
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Bo Li
Energy-Aware Replica Selection for Data-Intensive Services in Cloud
Advisor: Ivona Bezáková
Achievement:  Conference papers: 1) Bo Li, Shuaiwen Leon Song, Ivona Bezáková, and Kirk Cameron. "Energy-Aware Replica Selection for Data-Intensive Services in Cloud", In Proceedings of the 20th IEEE International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS), 2012, pp. 504-506. 2) Bo Li, Shuaiwen Leon Song, Ivona Bezáková, and Kirk Cameron. "EDR: An energy-aware runtime load distribution system for data-intensive applications in the cloud", Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing (CLUSTER), 2013, pp. 1-8.

Michael D. Dumont
Markov Chain Monte Carlo on the GPU
Advisor: Ivona Bezáková

Timothy Peterson
Ray-traced Simulation of Radiation Pressure for Optical Lift
Advisor: Joe Geigel

David Huynh
Cloth Simulation using Hardware Tessellation
Advisor: Joe Geigel

David Snyder
Text Detection in Natural Scenes through Weighted Majority Voting of DCT High Pass Filters, Line Removal, and Color Consistency Filtering
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Ben Holm
Evaluation of RSL History as a Tool for Assistance in the Development and Evaluation of Computer Vision Algorithms
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Thomas Schellenberg
Layout-Based Substitution Tree Indexing and Retrieval for Mathematical Expressions
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Adam Friedlander 
The Computational Complexity of Counting Min-Cuts in Network Flows
Advisor: Ivona Bezáková
Achievement: Conference and journal papers: Ivona Bezáková and Adam Friedlander, "Counting minimum (s,t)-cuts in weighted planar graphs in polynomial time", Proceedings of the 35th International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFCS), 2010, pp. 126-137. Journal version in Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), 2012, Volume 417, pp 2-11. (Invited paper - special issue for selected papers from MFCS 2010.)

William A. Rummler
Sampling edge covers
Advisor: Ivona Bezáková
Achievement: Conference paper: Ivona Bezáková and William A. Rummler, “Sampling Edge Covers in 3-Regular Graphs”, Proceedings of the 34th International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFCS), 2009, pp. 137-148.

Nathan Russell
Complexity of control of Borda count elections
Advisor: Edith Hemaspaandra

Curtis Menton
Range voting is resistant to control
Advisor: Edith Hemaspaandra
Achievement: Journal paper: Curtis Menton: Normalized Range Voting Broadly Resists Control. Theory Comput. Syst. 53(4): 507-531 (2013)

Ling Ouyang
A Symbol Layout Classification for Mathematical Formulas Using Layout Context
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Thomas Ryan Hoens
Counting and Sampling Paths in Graphs
Advisor: Ivona Bezáková

Kurt Kluever
Evaluating the Usability and Security of a Video CAPTCHA
Advisor: Richard Zanibbi

Fatima Talib
Computational aspects of voting: a literature survey
Advisor: Edith Hemaspaandra

Eric Brelsford
Approximation and elections
Advisor: Edith Hemaspaandra
Achievement: Conference paper: Eric Brelsford, Piotr Faliszewski, Edith Hemaspaandra, Henning Schnoor, Ilka Schnoor: Approximability of Manipulating Elections. AAAI 2008: 44-49

Usman Alim
Lattice Boltzmann Model for the Visual Simulation of Smoke
Advisor: Joe Geigel

Jarocha-Ernst Alexander
Creating Landscapes with Simulated Colliding Plates
Advisor: Joe Geigel

Michael Murdoch
Nonverbal Vocal Interface
Advisor: Joe Geigel