Graduate Resources - Software Engineering & Data Science (On-Campus)

Academic Day

Welcome to the Software Engineering Department! Both the Software Engineering and Data Science (on-campus) Master's programs are housed here. Academic Day is an introduction to the department and it's processes as well as an opportunity to meet other incoming students and our faculty. For students starting Fall 2021, academic day will be held August 18th, 2021, details are forthcoming. Please also read through the Graduate Student Handbook, a reference guide for master's students.

2021-2022 Academic Day Presentation

Graduate Study

Master of Science in Software Engineering

As you pursue a software engineering master's degree your educational experience will parallel the realities of the industry as you learn how to define, design, develop, and deliver modern software. Utilize computer science theories to create software that allows computers to meet the demands of an ever-changing, technologically-dependent society. Conduct research in many areas including data science for software engineering, artificial intelligence applications in software engineering, software modeling. Gain hands-on experience through team-based projects that help you master modern software engineering techniques.

Our program accepts students from many educational backgrounds, including recent undergraduates and professionals interested in pursuing a software engineering career. An introductory course, Software Construction, helps students get up to speed on programming and basic computing concepts. We also have an introductory core course, Software Engineering Fundamentals. Students with degrees in engineering, science, business, and education have all bee successful graduates of our program. Our students master modern software engineering techniques in a team setting using state-of-the-art tools and platforms.

RIT is renowned for its cooperative education program, one of the oldest and largest programs in the world. Co-op is full-time, paid work experience in industry. The software engineering master's degree has had a number of graduates accept positions for full-time employment at companies such as Citrix, SpaceX, Intuit, Amazon, Microsoft, and many others. 

Prospective students can learn more here >>>

Master of Data Science

One of the hottest fields in computing, the data science masters gives you the practical and theoretical skills to handle large-scale data management and analysis challenges that arise in today's data-driven organizations. This program appeals to professionals looking to enhance their skill set, and includes opportunities for customized course work within the broad field of data science and its various application areas.

The data science master's is a collaborative program hosted by Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences and College of Science. You'll take courses that provide deep learning taught by RIT faculty who are experts in the field of data science. You’ll learn the skills that are recognized by employers for their real job relevance. The program is available both online and on-campus.

Prospective students can learn more here >>>

Graduate Electives

Lists of pre-approved electives can be found below for both the Data Science and Software engineering programs. Students must submit an Elective Approval Form to the graduate program director for review and approval. 

Software Engineering

  • Pre-Approved Electives
    • The current SE electives are SWEN(711)-Engineering Self-Adaptive SW Systems, SWEN(614) Engineering Cloud Software Systems, and any graduate SE Special Topics courses

Data Science

Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

A Graduate Assistantship is an employment opportunity offered by the Department of Software Engineering. Responsibilities will vary, but Graduate Assistants may work as research assistants, provide lab support, etc. Graduate Assistants are not responsible for any direct classroom teaching. Graduate Assistants who are supervised by a faculty member are responsible for all assigned work for the number of hours offered. Students who do not fulfill the required work can have their assistantship terminated, including their hourly wage and scholarship.

The department offers Graduate Assistantship positions each academic year, starting in the fall semester. Positions may be available on a full (20 hours per week) or part-time (10 hours per week) basis. See the Graduate Handbook for compensation information.

Applications for Graduate Assistantship for 2022-2023 (starting in the fall of each year), must be received by the department by 4pm on March 31, 2022. Application form Coming Soon.

Coffee Hour

This is a bi-monthly social event where SE and DS Master's students can connect with their peers and faculty. Each meeting has a different activity including games, faculty research presentations and of course, coffee! All SE and DS Master's and PhD students are welcome and encouraged to attend in-person or virtually.