AV Equipment


We are providing instructions on how to do the hybrid courses for synchronous instruction. Audio Visual Equipment has been setup in each lab to assist you and/or your TA with this.


Lab AV Modifications for teaching Synchronously

NOTE: These instructions have been placed in each lab at the instructor station

Note: Labs may differ slightly depending on the room configuration.

Webcams have been added to each instructor station.

PLEASE do not disconnect any cables at the instructor station or remove the webcam.


  1. When teaching synchronously, the instructor will have to setup the zoom conference call in advance of each class and inform students how to connect.
  2. To connect Zoom on the instructor station, login to the lab workstation with your correct credentials (for IGM it is your RIT credentials, for CSEC and Ischool it is .\Student with a password of Student)
  3. If you have not used zoom on the instructor station with your RIT credentials, you will need to install Zoom one time so it is added to your profile correctly.
  4. If your GTA or TA is setting up for you as you are working remotely, have them connect to the zoom session and mute the microphone and webcam unless it is needed.

Using Zoom on the instructor Lab PC

For GTA/Teaching Assistant being your "in person"

  1. Once zoom is launched and connected to the instructor session, set it to full screen
  2. Turn on the a/v unit to show the instructor PC on the projector.

Changing the zoom audio/video resources

  1. Select the desired audio and video sources. To select the audio source, click on the up arrow (^) located to the right of the “Mute” button at the bottom left of the screen and choose the microphone. To use the webcam’s built-in microphone, you will need to select “Live Streamer CAM313 Microphone”.
  2. If you need to switch devices (ex. document camera) - repeat the step above for the audio or video source to change. -- If the document camera does not appear, is it turned on? --

NOTE: REMEMBER! ANYTHING shown on the zoom will show to everyone just as if you are there! - including private chat!

These systems have all been tested, but please give yourself time to test audio and video prior to starting class. Desktop microphones are on back order and will be installed when they arrive. The webcam has a microphone and should meet your teaching needs.


GCCIS Conference Room AV/Zoom Configurations

The audio-visual systems in GCCIS Labs vary based on the age of the system. Most faculty are fairly familiar with these systems, but there are some modifications that will be in place for the Fall 2020 semester to support RIT’s health and safety measures and the use of Zoom Meetings in the classroom.

  1. A clear plastic shield in front of the instructor desk or podium. You must still wear a mask!
  2. A webcam has been provided for zoom calls.

Podium Connections

(Directions are provided in each of our facilities)

  1. Podiums have the standard A/V connection for sharing video to the in-room projection system, and a new USB connection for connecting to the webcam has been added for Zoom meetings.
  2. Faculty will connect BOTH the appropriate video cable (HDMI,VGA) as usual, AND the USB cable to their laptop (Windows or Macintosh) if Zoom is needed.
  3. Depending on the A/V connections available in the room and on your device you my need to use the USB C dongle provided to connect to your laptop. Ensure you connect the USB cable to the USB C dongle BEFORE making the connection to your USB C port on your laptop.
  4. Once connected faculty will open any presentations or other applications they plan to use and will operate the in-room A/V system the same way they have in the past.
  5. Please see above for changing audio/video devices in zoom during a meeting.