Backup and Restore

Student Backups

Everyone has data that is vital to them, or is required to be backed up to meet RIT requirements.

GCCIS does not provide backup software or storage for student accounts/profiles.

Student Options to protect your files include:

  • KGCOE Git Lab
  • (RIT google drive)
  • MyCourses Locker
  • Dropbox, Box, etc.
  • Flash Drives \ External Hard drives

NOTE: If you lose a drive, have a text file with who it belongs to on the drive - all items are turned in to the GCCIS Deans office.



Faculty have RIT information that must be protected according to RIT standards and guidelines.

Examples include:

  • Student protected information
  • research implications.
  • Departmental \ Confidential Information


RIT has security policies that apply to RIT faculty and staff regarding data. Data that is associated with RIT (example coursework, student information, research information, etc). May not be stored on external (non-RIT owned) resources.

DropBox, Box, PERSONAL google drives may not be used for any RIT related information.

Additionally, these services can be subject to virus; if your device becomes infected.


Golisano Faculty have access to Crashplan backup software. This is an RIT run server that once installed and configured will automatically back up your data and offers the capability to restore data individually as needed.

Crashplan should be installed on your system automatically by the system administrators.

If you want to modify what is backed up or restore data: Select the Crashplan application and enter your RIT credentials to access. Select data to restore or folders to add/remove from backup.



Data may be stored here as it meets RIT requirements.

Be aware:

  • RIT backs up data as a disaster recovery of the entire system only. They are unable to restore individual courses or information.
  • If information (assignments, quizzes, grades) are recorded for a student and they withdraw, then the data will no longer be accessible.


Google Drive

The RIT google drive may be used for data storage.

To use:

  • You must have enabled google drive accessibility. Go to Google Preferences Opt In (No access, press button) Opt Out (you have access)

screenshot of Google Opt-In screen

RIT Google Optin

  • (log in with your RIT username ex. and your password.


External Drives

External drives should not be used unless they are encrypted for any RIT related data that may be privacy or confidential. Additionally, the data should be backed up preferrably on an RIT server that has backup opportunities.