Other Hardware

Students: Other Devices

We often get questions on the best hardware for keyboards, mice, drawing tablets, etc. Here is a list of commonly used equipment used in the various departments.

Drawing Tablets

Wacom Intuos $100 - For the IGM program if a student would like a tablet, we recommend the Wacom Intuos for ease of use and travel.


We often recommend these headsets with microphones for our students and that they are USB to allow use in any of the labs.

Sennheiser GSP 300 - $80

External Hard Drive

So you would like to have a backup of your data (that isn't on the cloud). We recommend a 1TB minimum USB hard drive. $50

NOTE: If you have flash drives or any devices, put your name on the device....If media, put a txt file with your name in the device so it may get returned to you


So you misplaced your other hardware (flash drive, headset, drawing tablet, etc)....where might it be?

  1. Label everything with your name. If it is a hard drive or flash drive put a txt file where the file name is your name. This gives a better way to identify and contact you.
  2. Anything found in the GCCIS Labs will be sent to the Deans office on the first floor.
  3. Lost a wallet or phone? If found, they are IMMEDIATELY turned in to the Deans office and if they aren't open, Campus Safety is notified for pickup.