File Locations

Data Locations and Drive Mappings - Where is it?

A question often asked is:

  • How can I get to shared data?
  • Where is the location of xyz data?

Permanent Drive Mapping for Windows 10

1. Open File Explorer

2. Right click on the Network icon on the left side

map drive


3. Select to map a network drive



4. An unused drive letter will already be selected (you can change it if you like to another letter that is unused).

5. Copy the link from below for the data you are attempting to access to the Folder line.

6. If you are signed in to your device with anything other than your RIT credentials (what you use to access email, mycourses etc.), check the bx to connect using different credentials.

7. Select finish and enter your credentials if prompted.

Permanent Drive Mapping for Apple

1. Connect to your network drive. Select Go -> Connect to Server and input your smb share.

2. Open up settings and select Users and groups.

2019-11-21 OSX login items.png


3. Unlock the settings by clicking the lock at the bottom left.

4. Press the plus at the bottom of the window and select the network drive you mounted on the left column. you may be asked to sign in with credentials upon connection. Note that it could take a few seconds for the contents of the network drive to load.

Your network folder should show up under network in the list.


5. Close the window. your drive should auto-reconnect on login.

Faculty and Staff File Locations  

More information is available specific to RIT faculty and staff.
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