Lab Displays

Faculty: Lab Display Maintenance


There are displays around many of the labs for when labs may be used by students. Hours may differ for each lab. RIT uses an event management system that is the standard for maintaining reservations, when rooms are in use etc. For any room maintained through EMS, Open Hours must be entered in that system. Hours for "special purpose" labs / events not maintained by EMS may be entered here when available. Additionally,other information such as tutoring hours, slideshows can be entered to be displayed on the various monitors.

Entering Announcements / Pictures to the slide show

All information to maintain the lab displays is located in the LabOps wiki to assist you. Please go there for specific information.

Open Hours / System Maintenance

EMS has a training video on how to enter events into their system. EMS Space Owner Creating a Reservation

Modifications to video then become:

  1. Recurrence - use recurrence (i.e. Date Pattern) to set the reservation for multiple days.

NOTE: I have put in events for a year at a time so I don't have to think about closed periods, summer etc for each year.

  1. Status
    1. Set to space confirmed if this is an event, appointment, open hours that make the space unavailable to anyone else.
    2. Set to space maintenance/renovations if this is when the lab is not available. Example break periods, overnight hours, summer, etc.
    3. Set to Space Info Only - use this if open hours is available, but other reservations may be made during those hours. Ex. Open hours 8am - 12pm but faculty can reserve the room from 10am - noon.
  2. Event Name - for default items for the labs, open hours, closed for maintenance etc. Enter one of the following so that when the displays pull from SIS, they display these correctly.
    1. Open Hours - lab available for student use.
    2. System Maintenance period - lab unavailable as sysadmins are working on it, updates, lab closed, etc.

NOTE: If you do not have the Status Options listed, you must contact Events Technology Support for assistance