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Student Account Management

Managing your RIT accounts may be different depending on the department you are in. Here is what you need to know.

Resetting your RIT password

  1. TURN OFF WIRELESS for all devices that connect to RIT (phone, tablet, laptop etc.) Otherwise when you change your password, those devices will still be trying to connect and will lock your account.
  2. On one of your devices, go to:
  3. Follow directions provided on above website.
  4. Once you have reset your password bring each of your other devices online.
  5. Forget the RIT network.
  6. Add the RIT network and log back in.

GCCIS Department Account Information

The CSEC Labs use a local account on all PCs.  Your instructor will provide the login account and password at the start of the semester.


Computer Science (CS) accounts are required to access and use Computer Science Resources.
Although the username will match your RIT account, it is a separate account with its own authentication.

  • If you do not have a CS account, you need to have one created to access CS resources, ask your professor to contact us via email at A ticket will be created requesting that we create your account.  An email will be sent to you when the account is generated.
  • If you have a CS account and want to change a working password, you can either log in to a CS system and run the passwd command, or go to and use your CS username and password (use the first green button) to authenticate. This will take you to a page where you can set your CS password.[1]
  • If you have a CS account and you do not recall the password, or the password expired, you can go to and use your RIT account to authenticate (use the second green button). This will take you to a page where you can set your CS password.[1]

CS faculty, course, administrative, and team accounts do not have correlating RIT accounts, and can not use knockknock to reset them with RIT authentication. In those cases, please email and a ticket will be assigned to dedicated Computer Science support to assist you.

Be sure to follow all password requirements. The "Update Password" button will turn green when you have met enough requirements.

The IGM department utilizes your RIT credentials when authenticating onto our lab PCs. ONLY students taking IGM courses may log in to the PCs.

Having issues logging in:

  1. Can you log into your mail on another device with your username or password?
    • If Yes - possibly you mistyped your username or password
    • If No - then you may need to reset your password as shown above or contact the ITS help desk.
  2. Does the lab PC have a network connection?
  3. Are you using: username...ex. abc1234 and your password (watch for CAPS lock).

The iSchool Labs use a local account on all PCs.  Your instructor will provide the login account and password at the start of the semester

Software Engineering labs require a SE account.  Please email if you are having issues logging into a lab machine or need your password reset.

Student Employment

What student jobs are available in GCCIS?

There are various positions available for students at GCCIS. Each of them has their own requirements and application process.

Position Information

  • part-time (20 hours or less per week)
  • pay will vary 
  • only available while classes are in session (position dependent)

Positions include (but are not limited to)

  • GCCIS Technical Worker (see below job description)
  • Graduate Research Assistants
  • Graduate Tutors
  • Student Office Workers
  • Teaching Assistants

GCCIS Technical Worker Job Description

GCCIS employs students as Technical Workers to assist with our curricular labs and various other technical and necessary projects to advance our curriculum and students. Our goals are:

  • All lab workers work all types of the shifts (cleaning, help desk, equipment cage), plus may work on special teams (web, wiki, network, imaging, inventory…) and projects
  • There are 4 levels of GCCIS Technical Worker Positions
    • Lab worker (all students start at this level with a few exceptions)
    • Lab Tech worker
    • Senior lab tech worker
    • Lead lab tech/web worker
  • We use a ‘journeyman’ program to develop workers from the first level upwards – they gain more experience, have more responsibility, learn to mentor newer students as they are hired.
  • We create "teams" of student workers who work together to learn design, project management, teamwork and task management in addition to the other skills. These teams are:
    • Web Development (LAMP servers, PHP, mariadb, javascript)
    • Hardware / Inventory
    • Networking
    • Imaging
    • Wiki Development
    • Special Projects\Training
  • We provide students the opportunity to develop IT skills, judgement/reasoning, and experience to help build your resume.

Applying for a positions

When positions are available, we open the position on Career Connect (Select Students --> Career Connect). Student may apply through this portal and will need their Resume and a Cover Letter.

Are these positions work study?

Students may apply for the positions regardless of work study status. Our positions are open to student in all fields who have the drive to succeed and the desire to improve our labs.

Are there any restrictions?

As with any RIT position, there are some restrictions:

  • You must be eligible to work at RIT (ex. Student Worker, appropriate legal documents, etc). These standards may change and contacting the Student Employment Office and reviewing their webpage is your best solution.
  • We normally do not consider students with only 1 semester left until graduation, as it takes 2 - 3 months to teach student workers the basics of how to assist us.

Other Information

  • Q: Do I have to be a GCCIS student to apply?
    • A: GCCIS students in the various departments are preferred, but not required. We do prefer some technical knowledge of PCs, Macs, Operating Systems to allow you a base framework for us to train you.
  • Q: Am I guaranteed this position until I graduate?
    • A: All positions are semester to semester, but we do attempt to keep students until graduation as long as we have the positions, the student meets RIT requirements and there have been no employment issues.
  • Q: How am I scheduled?
    • A: We ask students to complete a schedule of availability. We then schedule all the students with that against our needs. Once the schedule is set, that is your work schedule for the semester.
  • Q: What if my classes change?
    • A: We are an academic college, we know schedules change. What we ask is for communication so we can work together to find the solution(s).


Department Hardware and Software Request
To see the specifics for requesting hardware please visit

Technical Request Form

The prompt completion of this form will allow technical staff the time necessary to acquire, configure and deliver equipment, account creation and management, providing facility access or facilitating return of RIT equipment.

This form should be completed when:

  • Creating new faculty or staff jobs
  • Filling a current faculty or staff job opening
  • Whenever an employee is terminating or changing employment

View the Technical Request Form


Lost & Found

To assist in the quick return of your property, please label everything with your full name.  It is also helpful to have a text file on your personal hard drives or flash drives where the file name is your full name.

Anything found in GCCIS facilities will be sent to the Deans office in building 70 suite 1000.  If a wallet or phone is found, they are immediately turned into the Deans office and campus safety is notified to pick up.