Prepare to Procure - Competitive Procurement Policy Revisions


Effective July 1, 2018, Procurement Services will adopt new policies and procedures regarding competitive bids. While the new policies are designed to ensure compliance with the Federal Uniform Guidance regulations, to increase competition and transparency in its entire procurement process, RIT is adopting the new guidance for all transactions.

  • Competitive Procurement Policy
    • Purchases $5,000 - $249,999 require three or more written quotes or proposals from qualified sources and completion of the new Price Summary Form.
    • Purchases of $250,000 or more require three or more written formalized bids from qualified sources obtained through either a Request for Quote (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP) process depending on the goods or services being procured (further described in the policy) and formal analysis using the new Price Summary Form.
    • Exceptions will be limited and require both justification of the single/sole source and price analysis using the new Sole Source Justification Form.
    • The current Exception to Bid form will be retired.
  • Federal Procurement Procedure
    • Additional requirements apply for purchasing goods and/or services paid with federal funds and a checklist must accompany all requisitions to verify compliance.

The Procurement Services Manual has been redesigned for easier navigation and incorporates these and other minor changes. We encourage you to read through the sections relevant to your area and enroll in our Purchasing Processes and Procedures training class if your responsibilities include frequent purchase of equipment and/or services.

Procurement Services has partnered with Sponsored Programs and the Office of Vice President of Research to coordinate the execution of the new requirements for federal funds. Workshops are being offered and will continue through the fall to communicate these changes directly with Principal Investigators.

If you have any questions about these changes, contact Sharyl Rock at 475-2759 (

If you need assistance when creating a requisition, please contact Sherry Lupo at 475-2107 (