Using the ActivePay Notes Feature to Document Business Purpose


You can be more efficient and save time by using the PNC ActivePay Notes feature to record transactions’ business purpose information such as the “who”, “what”, and “why”.* The Expense Log captures the notes/business purpose information you entered and eliminates the need to write the business purpose on each receipt. You can also use this report to eliminate the use of the paper PNC Procurement Card Monthly Log.

(*For additional information about documenting business purpose, refer to the Procurement Card Guide, section II. The Procurement Card Process, D. How to Reconcile Your Monthly Card Statement #4 available on the Controller’s Office website.)

Recording the Business Purpose in ActivePay

When you review the transactions in PNC ActivePay, change the account number and add the business purpose in the Notes section. This will eliminate the need to write the business purpose on each receipt.

Change Purpose


When you click on a transaction, the above icons show up to perform the various tasks.

The information you enter in the notes field and the account number for the transaction are captured on the Expense Log. You can run this report for the month and attach it to your procurement card statement eliminating the need to maintain the paper monthly log.

Running the Expense Log

Under Report Studio – Standard Reports – click on Expense Log

Expense Log


Select the Billing Cycle that corresponds to the statement date.

Hierarchy Selection


Click Run

When Excel asks you want to open or save the document, click open

The Expense Log will open in a PDF. Save the Expense Log and attach to the procard statement directly after the statement.

Final Expense Log


(** For additional information, review the Electronic Submission of Procurement Card Monthly Statement, Receipts, and Signed Certification (needs document) document available on the Controller’s Office website.)