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Open Opportunities

The Clean Energy and Water (CEW) lab has multiple openings for BS/MS students in the following two research directions: Electro-Chemo-Mechanics in solid-state batteries for energy storage, and Nano-micro mechanical problems in reverse osmosis for water purification. Learn More

To apply, please contact:

Howard Tu headshot
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Kate Gleason College of Engineering

Do you have a strong interest in Artificial Intelligence and how it impacts and interfaces with humans?

Please consider applying to the AWARE-AI NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) Program at RIT by March 1.

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Students admitted to or currently enrolled in the following RIT Ph.D. and MS on-campus programs in Rochester, New York can apply for a traineeship with the AWARE-AI NRT Program. In addition, if eligible, applicants will also be considered for a fellowship.

AWARE-AI Trainees experience convergent AI research guided by accomplished faculty in cross-disciplinary research tracks and carefully curated career-advancing activities that directly address skill gaps in graduate AI curricula.

Ph.D. Programs

MS Programs

Students are recommended to apply prior to their second year of graduate study. We especially encourage women, deaf or hard-of-hearing, African American, Latino/a American, and Native American students to apply to AWARE-AI.  

Research tracks include:

Software - Trainees investigate machine learning innovations and how to develop AI systems capable of processing multimodal streams of information over time as flexibly as a human.

Hardware - Trainees advance human-robot collaboration and AI on the edge to achieve human trust in automation, and continual machine learning on robotic systems.

Human-Computer Interaction - Trainees evaluate the needs of older adults with hearing loss in regard to speech technology and develop and assess AI prototype systems.

Cognitive Modeling - Trainees investigate human cognitive states and assess AI system reliability, focusing on understudied populations of AI users across the human lifespan or with disabilities.

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Questions? Please contact the AWARE-AI NRT Director, Cecilia Alm, Ph.D. at