Accounting & Financial Reporting


Informative message

We are excited to announce that starting November 17th RIT Accounting customer service will be transitioning to the RIT Service Center! The RSC is an efficient single point of contact for service requests and support.

Contact the RSC directly for:
  • Accounting related questions such as new account combinations, access to the Oracle financial application, understanding financial reports, month-end processing.
How to access the RSC:
  • RSC self-service portal at
  • Online Live Chat through the portal
  • Calling 585-475-5000
You will continue to receive the same EXCEPTIONAL customer service with this RSC and Accounting Services partnership!.

We are a team of accounting and financial professionals responsible for the University’s accounting transactions and financial reporting for a variety of internal and external stakeholders.

Accounting and Financial Reporting is comprised of the following functional areas: General Accounting, Financial Reporting, Procurement and Travel Card Administrations, Property Accounting, and Non-Student Accounts Receivable.

We hope the content below is helpful to you and are available to assist you.  For questions or additional information – contact


*** Fiscal 2020 Year-End Closing Process and Procedures ***

How to Schedule a Report in Oracle

Month End Closing Schedule