I. How to Access Your Oracle Home Page

From an On-Campus Location

  1. You'll need an Ethernet connection to access the RIT Network.
  2. Using your Internet browser, go to http://www.rit.edu/myinfo/
  3. If you are using a Macintosh computer, use an Internet Explorer version greater than 7.0. No other browsers are supported (e.g. Safari, Mozilla, Conqueror are not supported). Individuals using unsupported browsers may be able to log on, however their browsers may not interact properly.
  4. The URL in step #1 will take you to the RIT Oracle links webpage. The first link, https://mybiz.rit.edu, will give you access to your homepage, RIT Employee Self Service, and the Oracle Financial Application responsibilities that are assigned to your user id. These responsibilities give you access to different applications such as General Ledger, Purchasing, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. The second link, https://myinfo.rit.edu, will only give you access to your homepage and RIT Employee Self Service.
  5. Once you click on one of these links, the Oracle Application's Login page will display. Enter your Oracle User ID and password and click on the "Login" button. This will take you to your Oracle home page.

From an Off-Campus Location

Once you have access to an Internet browser go to URL: www.rit.edu/myinfo to access the RIT Production Oracle Application Sign-on Page.

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) with an ISP such as Roadrunner or AOL, is used to access the RIT network off-campus.

  1. To access the VPN you'll need a Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) account. If you already have a DCE account, you do not need another to access Oracle from off-campus. If you do not have a DCE account, complete an ITS Computer Account Request form and submit it to the ITS Help Desk. This form is available on the web at: http://www.rit.edu/its/help/forms/its-acct-req.pdf.
  2. A Virtual Private Network, (VPN) is used to secure transmissions across the Internet. Using VPN technology makes your home/remote computer appear as if it is attached directly to the RIT network, even if you are using an outside ISP such as Road Runner, DSL, or AOL. To obtain the Virtual Private Network service instructions visit the VPN web page at: http://www.rit.edu/its/services/vpn. Once you have downloaded and run VPN, access an Internet browser, and go to http://myinfo.rit.edu.
    1. To obtain the Virtual Private Network service instructions visit the VPN web page at: http://www.rit.edu/its/services/vpn.
    2. You will not be able to access the RIT Network through the VPN until the ITS Help Desk adds your DCE account to the VPN Client list. You may contact them at ext. 5-4357.