Participant Agreement and Payment Request Form


The Participant Agreement and Payment Request Form is used to communicate general information and specific eligibility requirements to participants receiving a stipend/subsistence allowance payment and any other type of financial support through an experiential program. The form communicates and documents the participant's understanding and agreement with the program requirements and all other terms and conditions applicable to their participation. The form is also used to process participant stipend/subsistence allowance payments and housing, meal or other miscellaneous credits.

One form is completed for each participant per semester by the principal investigator or department administrator. The participant and the principal investigator each sign the form. Once signed, forms citing a sponsored project are forwarded to the SPA representative for processing. Please note: Direct Deposit forms should be submitted for all new participants. 

If you require any assistance with the Participant Agreement and Payment Request Form, please contact your SPA representative. For SPA Rep departmental assignments, please refer to the Sponsored Programs Accounting website.

Below are the instructions for processing participant payments:

  1. Demographic Information - Complete all demographic information including:
    • Participant Name and Email Address
    • Student UID; Attach a completed W-9 Form to request payments for non-RIT students
    • Citizenship: Federally-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) and other like experiential programs require the participant to be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States or one of its possessions. The person responsible for completing the form (the principal investigator or department administrator) checks this box after verifying the participant meets this program requirement.
    • If the participant also has direct deposit from a job on campus, they can select the box to give AP permission to access this information. Otherwise, an AP Direct Deposit form must be attached. 
  2. Program specific requirements - List the programmatic requirements the participant must meet to receive support payments. The participant should carefully review the program requirements listed and check all the boxes to confirm his/her understanding and agreement,  for example: punctual attendance at scheduled laboratories and active participation in laboratory activities.
    • Participant attendance at planned activities is required to be documented to provide sufficient information about the event, such as the date and time of the event, the event agenda, the number of participants in the attendance, and any other relevant information.
    • Principal Investigators (PIs) or other RIT personnel can prepare and use sign-in sheets at trainings/seminars, meetings, etc., for which participants will be paid from PSC funds. These sign-in sheets will be kept with the PI’s grant records as backup for charges related to the event. The sign-in sheet should show the date of the event, the typed name of each participant, and the purpose of the event. Each participant should sign or initial next to his or her typed name. The event organizer could also place a check mark next to the name of each attendee.
    • In lieu of an attendance sheet, a group photograph of event attendees with a list of each person’s name can be substituted.
    • Use a second form if additional requirements need to be listed.
  3. Additional Terms and Conditions - The form contains important information about the support payments that is imperative for the participants to understand. You may add additional information or program participation requirements, as needed. The participant should carefully review the additional terms and conditions listed on the form and check all the boxes required to confirm his/her understanding and agreement.
  4. Current RIT Student Requirements – If the participant is a current student at RIT he/she should carefully review this section on the form and check all the boxes to confirm his/her understanding and agreement.
  5. Payment Details - Indicate the appropriate participant support payment type. This is a summary of all the support the participant will receive. Note: if a different Oracle Account # is to be used for any of these items, please write in the full account number under the payment type.
    • The following payments will be processed using the form:
      • Stipend:  Indicate the stipend allowance amount payable to the participant for the semester.
      • Subsistence allowance (include off campus housing):  If the participant is receiving an off-campus housing and /or off-campus meal allowance, include amounts with the stipend/subsistence allowance amount in the Amount box. Stipend/subsistence allowance payments will be paid in equal installments during the semester as indicated next to the Per Period Amount. If RIT Housing and RIT Meal Plan credits are supported by this award, you must contact Dining Services or Housing.
        NOTE: Stipend, housing, and meal allowances must adhere to any sponsor limitations. 
      • Oracle General Ledger Account(s)/Distribution %: If the payment should be allocated among multiple accounts, include the account number along with the distribution % (in decimal form). 
    • Other participant support payments are processed this way:
      • Books:  Contact Barnes and Noble at RIT, 424-6777 x 203 to set up an account for your project. Please provide: RIT contact and billing information, Oracle account number, student names and UID #, start and end dates for purchasing and purchase restrictions, such as amounts and items to be purchased. Participants must have their UID card and understand the purchase restrictions. Barnes and Noble will send an invoice to your department for approval and payment processing.
      • Fees:  Submit an invoice payment form for appropriate fees to be paid on behalf of the participant.
      • Travel:  Participant travel reimbursements have to be substantiated with receipts, even if the allowance amount is well below the total costs incurred for the trip. To reimburse participants for travel expenditures, submit an invoice payment form with original receipts to fully substantiate the amount of the payment.
  6. Oracle Acct # - Enter the Oracle account # indicating the account form which the stipend will be paid. All participant support payments are charged to a project that begins with the letter P, "PXXXX", when involving a sponsored project. Your SPA representative will verify that the corresponding object codes are enabled on the project.
  7. Participant Signature - Collect the participant's signature and date.
  8. PI Signature - The principal investigator signs for their sponsored project, dates the form as the approver, and forwards to SPA for processing.
  9. SPA Signature - Forward the forms to your SPA rep for review. Once the SPA rep approves the form, copies will be distributed as follows:
    • For all participants receiving a stipend, a copy of the form and the W-9 (for non-RIT students) will be sent to Accounts Payable for stipend/subsistence allowance payments
    • For participants who are RIT students receiving stipend/subsistence allowance payments and housing, meal or other miscellaneous credits, copies of the form will be also be forwarded to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to ensure that the student's account is credited appropriately.
    • For participants who are not RIT students receiving housing, meal or other miscellaneous credits, departments should work with Student Auxiliary Services for these transactions.  Typically they will submit a spreadsheet with the list of participants, account code combos and the amounts.  SPA will maintain the original signed forms outlining these commitments.