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Making Microchips and MEMS Sensors

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Making Microchips and MEMS Sensors

Exhibit Code: ENG-2715
Zone: Engineering Park
Location: Engineering Hall (ENG/017) - Hallway
Time: All Day
Appropriate for all ages? Yes

In this exhibit the tiny chips and sensors have dimensions of just a few hundreds of micrometers (the diameter of a human hair) but can sense many physical properties such as pressure, acceleration, humidity, temperature and light. Such sensors are used in automobiles, cell phones, rockets and people. Explore these tiny devices and see how they are made and integrated into microsystems.

Lynn Fuller, Dr. Robert Pearson, Karina Colotl, Hector Rubio, George Phaneuf, Kush Benara, Liam Callahan, Paul Owens, Robert Dalheim, Nikhil Reddy Mummadi


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