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Plan Your Day 2019


Virtual Bugs: Imaging Insects in 3D

Exhibit Code: GOR-0500
Zone: Recreation Zone
Location: Gordon Field House and Activities Center (GOR/024) - Main Floor
Time: All Day
Appropriate for all ages? Yes

This exhibit showcases a unique imaging system designed and built by RIT freshmen in collaboration with Rochester's Seneca Park Zoo. The system makes use of advanced multi-camera imaging techniques to create detailed 3D computer models of insects which will be used by zoo researchers to create virtual reality simulations of the bugs' natural habitat. These VR simulations will allow zoo visitors to have a one-of-a-kind immersive experience that will help them learn about these exotic creatures.

Joe Pow, Andrea Avendano Martinez, Josh Carstens, Lily Gaffney, Keegan Kresge, Morgan Webb, Emma Wilson, Matt Casella, Carl Salvaggio


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