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Essential Tremor Data Acquisition

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Essential Tremor Data Acquisition

Exhibit Code: INS-1180A
Zone: Engineering Park
Location: James E. Gleason Hall (GLE/009) - 1080
Time: All Day
Appropriate for all ages? See age restrictions below:
Age Details: Would prefer volunteers to be 18 years and older

In the US, roughly 7 million individuals suffer from some form of tremor with over 200,000 suffering from essential tremors. Essential tremor is an involuntary rhythmic muscle movement often affecting the arms and hands of individuals. Patients' fine motor abilities are impacted causing difficulty in performing daily tasks. Our device collects motion data and the EMG data from the muscles involved with wrist flexion/extension, wrist pronation/supination, and radial/ulnar deviation.

Savier Kerns, Jay Humphreys, Frank Howard, William Shambach, Gerald Garavuso


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