AEOP Apprenticeships & Fellowships

Experience and Mentorship for the Nation's Future STEM Workforce

Advance your education and career by joining a team making the scientific discoveries and inventing the technologies that support America’s innovation goals. AEOP apprentices (high school, undergraduate) and AEOP fellows (graduate, post-doctoral) conduct real-world, Army-sponsored research alongside scientists and engineers in world-class facilities. Whether you are seeking a summer, semester, or long-term science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) research and career development opportunity, AEOP has a program for you.

The future is bright for careers in STEM. STEM careers are projected to continue to grow at a faster rate than non-STEM careers in the next decade. The demand for a talented and skilled STEM workforce will only increase in coming years. Play a part in building the next generation STEM workforce, one that is representative of the unique and diverse talent in our nation. Whether you’re a high school student looking for your first research experience, an undergraduate or graduate student looking for real-world application of your STEM skills, or have recently earned your Ph.D. are preparing for research career in academia, government, or industry – there is an opportunity for you with the AEOP Apprenticeships and Fellowships.

The Benefits of an AEOP Apprenticeship or Fellowship

STEM is the driving force behind innovation. Every day, scientists and engineers in the United States are developing breakthrough technologies and making invaluable discoveries which advance the quality of life for humans around the world and position our nation as the world’s economic leader. As the global economy shifts, the demand for competitive STEM talent will grow.

AEOP is committed to providing the experiential education and mentorship to apprentices and fellows that will not only grow their STEM talent and career skills, but will increase their capacity to innovate and discover for the benefit of the nation. You can play an important role in solving America’s greatest technoscientific challenges, conquering the next great frontier of the mind, and securing the safety and prosperity of the Nation and the well-being of its people by participating in an AEOP Apprenticeship or Fellowship.

During your apprenticeship or fellowship, you will join a professional team and contribute to research that matters. You will participate in cutting-edge research to develop state-of-the art, emerging technologies and further scientific progress. AEOP Apprenticeships and Fellowships are offered at U.S. Army Research Laboratories and Centers and university laboratories throughout the nation. Areas of research include, but are not limited to, forensic science, food chemistry, engineering, molecular simulation, bioinformatics, quantum mechanics, biological defense, pharmaceutical science, mathematics, cyber security, origami post synthesis processing and modification, and materials science.

When you are selected for an apprenticeship or fellowship, you will be matched with a scientist or engineer at your host lab. Your mentor will provide guidance to shape the development of your technical and professional proficiencies, supporting the achievement of your education and career goals. Mentors inspire, teach, advise, motivate, and open doors to both informal and formal networking opportunities. As an AEOP apprentice or fellow, you will have the unique and valued opportunity to connect with like-minded role models and peers in your field of interest creating lifelong connections that will be instrumental to your professional development.

AEOP Apprentices and Fellows are talented, curious, and driven. In addition to support at the laboratory level, the AEOP Apprenticeship and Fellowship office, administered by the Rochester Institute of Technology, provides STEM career webinars, skill-building workshops, near peer mentorship, networking opportunities, and advisement opportunities. The community of AEOP apprentices and fellows is supportive and engaged.

Opportunities for Students

AEOP Apprenticeships

Have you ever wondered what working in a research lab would be like? Do you want to get the competitive edge as you prepare for college admissions or your career? During the AEOP Apprenticeship program, you can turn your STEM interest into tangible research skills. Throughout your apprenticeship, you will learn the ins and outs of how real-world science and engineering research operates. Working directly under the guidance of a professional scientist or engineer – who will serve as your mentor – you have the opportunity to conduct hands-on research in a state-of-the-art facility at a partner university or one of the U.S. Army Research Laboratories and Centers. YOU will have a front row seat to the exciting research, advancement and innovation happening in labs across the country that are driving forward the solutions to the problems of tomorrow.

Spend your next summer, semester or year with the AEOP Apprenticeship program and take the next step in your STEM pathway while participating in research that matters. Opportunities for high school and undergraduate students. Eligibility varies by location.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

High School Apprenticeships

What do cutting edge research, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and unparalleled access to professional scientists and engineers have in common? The AEOP High School Apprenticeship! Spend your summer in a university research lab or in one of the U.S. Army Research Laboratories and Centers through this unique apprenticeship opportunity. You will experience firsthand the innovation and research that is driving the future of our country. Do something meaningful this summer to prepare you for competitive college admissions and the next step in your STEM journey. Submit your application today for a chance to participate in the AEOP Apprenticeship Program. The impacts of this transformative experience will last a lifetime.

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Undergraduate Apprenticeships

Where do you want your STEM education to take you? The AEOP Undergraduate Apprenticeship program invites you to elevate your STEM knowledge and experience and take part in the research that is shaping the future of our nation. If you are interested in pursuing a career in STEM or want to take the next step in your STEM education, an AEOP Undergraduate Apprenticeship may be right for you. As an apprentice, you will gain first hand exposure to the cutting edge research that is happening in top university labs and U.S. Army Research Laboratories and Centers across the country. Working under the mentorship of a professional scientist or engineer, you will learn about the variety of paths in your STEM field of interest and develop the tools you need to get there. Let AEOP help you achieve your STEM education and career goals!

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