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Through project activities we will bring together 30-40 youth per program site (total of 200 beneficiaries) in the municipalities of Graçanicë, Kamenicë, Mitrovicë, Pejë, Prizren and Shtërpcë, for at least 4 hours of after-school classes per week over a two-year period. The main goal of the program is to use and promote the English language as a common language to stimulate interethnic collaboration in the social, academic and professional areas among Kosovo youth – thus strengthening Kosovo’s socio-cultural cohesion and tolerance, academic collaboration, economic prospects and international integration of its youth and consequentially of its future generations of leaders, thinkers and doers.


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Description of training Modules: All training will be free of charge for the participants.


Module Description Number of Hours
1 The provision of an interactive and robust English training program: “Pre-College Preparatory Program ( PCPP) English for Academic Purposes (EAP) concluding with the establishment of Pen-Pal relationships with peers from Kosovo’s sister state in Iowa. 100 Hrs
2 Introduction to IT essentials, (gadgets, email communications, surfing media, online abuse, debating online, job-searching, applying for jobs, professional profiles). 60 Hrs
3 Innovative technology maker-space activities. 30 Hrs
4 Entrepreneurial training program. 24 Hrs
5 Training on Math essentials. 40 Hrs
6 Site visits to businesses, minority and majority ethnic restaurants, etc. 16 Hrs
7 Project-based learning activities, study trips, interethnic job-shadowing and internship opportunities. 36 Hrs
8 Participation in camping trips and cross-cultural sporting activities. 40 Hrs
9 Diversity-focused lectures and speeches by motivational speakers and influencers; presentation of “Kosovo is my home”. 16 Hrs
10 Civic activism, leadership 56 Hrs

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