University Leadership

The university is governed by a Board of Trustees and shared governance, and administratively led by the President.

Together, they ensure the fulfillment of RIT’s vision and mission, uphold its core values, and manage its operations and academic affairs to assure the viability and strategic direction of the university.

Governance / Board of Trustees

Institutional governance is apportioned and delegated among the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff, and students of the Institution. The American University in Kosovo Foundation (AUKF) Board of Trustees is composed of individuals who guide and support the institution toward its mission and carries out fiduciary duties and other responsibilities. The RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) Academic Senate provides for the exercise of the faculty's role in academic decisions, the protection of legitimate faculty aspirations, the implementation and preservation of academic standards, and the promotion of the academic welfare of students. The Student Government works to improve the quality of students’ life at RIT Kosovo. and serves as the instrument through which the student body may collectively influence decisions about student activities, roles, curricula, and other interests.

RIT Kosovo Leadership


Dr. Kamal Shahrabi

Shared Governance

Student Government