Student Government

Mission and Vision

The Student Government believes in an inclusive student community upon which students can thrive. We envision a campus in which all university decisions are student-oriented and in which students have a robust student representative body through which to express their concerns.


of Student Government

Protect students’ interests and provide a mechanism that links students’ wants and needs with RIT Kosovo faculty and administration staff.
Create an inclusive and engaging student environment through various activities and projects.
Provide an open, reliable, and transparent Student Government Body.
Represent the student voice in an accountable and pragmatic manner.


of Student Government

The Student Government vision is to create an engaging university environment that strikes the right balance between academic life and student life. The Student Government believes in an inclusive student community upon which students can thrive. We envision a campus in which all university decisions are student-oriented and in which students have a robust student representative body through which to express their concerns.

Student Government Body

Photot of Egzon Kelani SG President


Egzon Kelani

Photot of Elena Bajrami Vice-President of SG

Vice President

Elena Bajrami

Photot of Jon Tahiri SG Treasurer


Jon Tahiri

photo of Aeza SG Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

Aeza Gorani

Photo of Ernisa from SG

Project Coordinator

Erenisa Ceku

photo of Ereza Halimi SG

Project Coordinator

Ereza Halimi

Photo of Jon Kodra SG

Project Coordinator

Jon Kodra

Photo of Olti SG

Project Coordinator

Olti Hoti

Photo of Rona SG

Project Coordinator

Rona Kingji


Senators are also part of the Student Government, however, they are voted individually by students in their generation. Every year four senators join the Student Government one from each generation, freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior. The senators are direct representatives of their generations and their main duties include representing their generation in the Student Government and making sure any issues or grievances communicated to them are adequately addressed.


Senior Senator

Jon Haxhiu


Junior Senator

Dorant Krasniqi


Sophomore Senator

Genta Vranovci


Freshman Senator

Ene Aliu

Group photo of New SG


Clubs are an essential part of the Student Government and student life in general. We have a very active life at RITK represented by the number of clubs currently active on campus despite the small number of students.

For Students

How to join a club: Every year in the first few weeks the SG will organize info sessions with clubs where students can sign up and learn more about the club. If you miss these info sessions you can also join the clubs through their online forms or by directly contacting the club leader’s so that they may guide you in joining and participating in the club.

For Club Leaders

Requirements to start a new club: Two page proposal stating: name of the club, at least 10 names of students interested in contributing to it, purpose of the club, why it would be a good addition to RITK life, resources necessary to run the club and the faculty advisor name and statement from them.
Clubs Budget Proposal: The budget proposals are not designed for approval or denial, they are designed for negotiations and for clubs to receive an adequate budget for the semester. Club leaders should identify specific activities with dates and a rough idea of the resources they need for those activities.

Dren Hima

Management and Entrepreneurship Club

The Management & Entrepreneurship Club focuses on helping students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and provide an ever-lasting experience that can help them as future entrepreneurs. Besides guest speakers, informative sessions, and site visits, the club also aims to organize a startup event that will provide funds for the best student-led project.

Lorinë Bajrami

Economics Club

Economists’ Club is one of the oldest and most traditional clubs at RIT-K, preserved by main students majoring in Economics & Statistics, who are gathered to achieve the prime goals of the club. Such goals include expanding students’ knowledge of economics and making it fun through a diverse pool of activities.

Among many events that Economics Club is known for, Stand Up Economist is the long-established and most famous one, organized twice a year. There, students from senior-level courses have the chance to comically present economic terms through videos. Other important activities include guest lectures, movie nights, site visits, and quizzes.

Daorsa Berisha

Political Science and International Affairs Club

Political Science and International Affairs CLUB, is dedicated to RIT Kosovo students and alumni who seek a career in politics and want to learn more about the field through extra lectures, debates, and events.

Together with the Professors, we plan debate sessions about current issues happening in Kosovo, and in the international arena as well. Through these sessions, we try to help students develop their critical thinking when it comes to certain political issues.

Our club activities also include Guest Lectures with guests that are currently active in politics and/or experts in the fields. During these lectures, students have the opportunity to engage with people in charge and address certain issues that concern them. Also, activities such as trips to institutions like the Parliament, are planned for students interested to experience politics first-hand.

Veton Klinaku

IT Club


Zana Misini

Media Club

The Media Club is a social and intellectual group of RIT Kosovo students who are passionate about all forms of media. The group was founded with the goal of uniting students who have shared interests in photography, music, filmmaking, and all forms of modern art.

The club welcomes all members, and supports them to share their talent within the designated field, and also encourages them to leave a mark within the RIT Kosovo community.

The Media Club aims to create workshops, movie nights, and different media-related shooting sessions. Additionally, events with guest speakers, and collaborations with other groups within the RIT Kosovo clubs, are also part of the activities.

Dren Hima

Sports Club

The Sports Club is one of the few clubs at RITK that aims to relieve the academic stress of students through the many activities regarding sports. Whether it is sports tournaments, game nights, or watching our favorite teams play, the club strives to provide entertainment.

Being in the Sports Club is also a very good opportunity to socialize. Bringing students together through such events helps create valuable memories. It is of utmost importance that students cherish every moment at RITK. We try to help them with that.

Atis Shala

E-Sports Club

The ESports Club focuses on organizing everything related to gaming. The main goal of this club is to enhance the experience of RIT Kosovo students by connecting their digital life with their real life. Among many other events, there is one major tournament organized each semester.

This tournament is only organized for the most requested game from the club members. Until now, Counter-Strike Global Offensive has been requested the most so we organize at least one CS-GO tournament per year.

Other than this major event, we also organize ESports nights where students come to campus to relax and relieve themselves from the academic stress by playing different types of games such as video games or board games. We understand how serious academic stress can get, therefore, we believe that students should be provided with a way to relax and enjoy their time on campus.

Yllëza Jashari

Environmental Club

The RIT-K Environmental Club focuses on raising awareness concerning environmental issues, especially in Kosovo. The purpose of our club is mainly to influence and educate the students on environmental protection, conservation, preservation, and restoration.

The Environmental Club welcomes every student who is willing to contribute to our society for a better and greener environment on and off-campus. Our club mainly supports and helps students focus on an environmental and energy policy concentration by providing extra training, event invitations, and workshops that will contribute and support the student’s academic background.

The activities being held by our club include Movie Nights, Guest Speaker Lectures, Go-Green Activities, Event Participation, Hiking, Institutional and Social Trips, and other types of club collaborations.

Era Haxhijakupi

Mental Health Club

The main objective of the Mental Health Club is to engage students to comprehend the importance of daily wellness in mindfulness activities.  

We encourage students and members to share ideas by being open to additional activities that would make the club more efficient.

Mental Health Club aims to organize activities such as Yoga Sessions and Meditation Sessions, for the purpose of relieving stress during midterms and finals.

We include a lot of entertaining activities such as: “Let’s talk with each other”, Himalayan giveaway, DIY Stress Toys, through which we unite educative perspective with fun memories.

Olta Turku

Arts Club

The RIT-K Arts clubs enable students with an interest in the arts to get together and create art. In each get-together, students get to explore a variety of media such as paints, clay, knits, spray paints, mixed media, and many other materials. These art projects provide students with a platform to develop their creativity and expressiveness and deepen their understanding of art concepts and ideas. Other than that, members also get to socialize and have a great time while at it.

The projects and activities that the Arts Club holds include painting sessions, cake decorating contests, art workshops, tote bag paintings, murals, class redecorations, interactive collaborations with other clubs, etc.

Our club welcomes anyone and everyone who is willing to put their effort and artistic spirit into the club.

Monika Maloku

Music Club

Music Club is the club that the main objective is to engage musically talented students but also music enthusiasts in entertaining activities.

We encourage and support the members to share their talent, but also their ideas in making this club as enjoyable as possible.

The music club aims to create entertaining Chill Nights and Jam Sessions that encourage members to play instruments and have fun along the way. Other activities such as Trivia Nights and Guest Speakers are also planned for this semester, through which we aspire to give an educative touch besides the fun memories we'll get.

Irisa Shala

Debate Club

Debate Club’s main objective is to help students engage in discussions and debates on different cultural, social, and political issues. This club encourages students to express themselves clearly and concisely, participate in public speaking and effective communication in a formal setting, and keep up to date with important global events.

The club's mission is to organize debates in which participants are required to defend or oppose various issues. Members of the club will also engage in a variety of discussions in which they can express their personal views.

The club will have meetings on a regular basis and help members develop outstanding debate skills.


Charity Club

The mission of RITK Charity Club is to serve the community through voluntary services and awareness campaigns that aim to help families in need, the elderly, people with disabilities, orphans, minorities, and the community at large.

Charity Club volunteers have implemented many meaningful projects throughout the years including donations to families in need, Math and English tutoring for children in need, awareness campaigns on various issues, fundraising campaigns, and many more.

The club’s vision is to raise awareness of community service and show that RITK students as young professionals care about their community.

Aroma Troni


Y Club is a RITK student club that works together with YMCA Kosovo on youth development. YMCA is an NGO and global movement that works in over 120 countries to empower the youth. By becoming members of the Y Club you are also gaining membership in YMCA Kosovo.

The RITK Y Club's aim is to offer a safe space for all its members, support personal development, and encourage community engagement through weekly meetings and activities.