Living In Campus


RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) is providing campus housing accommodation to its students. The student hostel, located on the campus has been built to offer a comfortable living area for our students. The comfort, safety and security of our students are very important to us. As such, in order to have a pleasant time while living on campus, students have to obey a few rules and regulations, described below. Let the University campus housing be one of many positive and rewarding experiences for you, here at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K).

    Apartment Facilitates

    There are 8 apartments available in the university hostel. Each one of the apartments has the capacity to accommodate 2 to 3 students. Within the apartment, there is a sleeping area, a shared hall, a kitchen and a toilet.

    There is no specific area for studying, since the hostel is located within the campus, and students have easy access to the University library.

    Each apartment contains:

    • 3 beds, each with a set of sheets, a pillow, blanket and quilt.
    • Wardrobe
    • Living Space with satellite TV
    • Cleaning equipment
    • Wi-Fi connection


    Students who are eligible to take advantage of this opportunity are female students. The selection of the residents will be based on the distance of their hometowns from Prishtina. With limited hostel accommodation we wish to help those students with greatest need for being on campus. We anticipate that the accommodation will primarily be for those students who are new to living in Kosovo.

    Rental Information

    Apartments are rented for an 8 month period, starting on September. During the winter break, students can leave the apartments. Even though no one will be using them, they are advised to collect all their belongings before they leave for the break.

    For security reasons, no visitors or guests are allowed in the University hostel. If the students living there need to meet with their family or friends, they can use the cafeteria or the University garden.

    The security of the building is under the responsibility of the University Security Unit. The University hostel building is equipped with security cameras and fire alarms. Moreover, there are minimum two guards per shift that take care of the safety and security of the living area, on campus.  There are excellent security conditions around the campus and hostel area.

    The entire campus of the RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) is smoke free, including the hostel hallways, common areas and apartments. In case that a smoking incident happens in the apartments, the smoking detectors will be activated. In such a situation, the student may be punished with losing her right to live on campus.

    While cleaning the common areas of the University hostel is under the RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) is responsibility, the cleanliness of the apartments and the toilets is the residents’ responsibility. The university provides laundry facilities too, but residents bear the responsibility of doing their laundry and buying the detergents needed.

    Students are not permitted to damage University property or the property of others on the University premises. Residents are responsible for all the damages done and/or any loss of the University property in their living and study area. Students will be liable to the University for payment of any damages.  Residents may also be subject to charges for any damages resulting from unauthorized use, or alterations of, rooms, equipment and buildings.
    Removal of University furniture or placement of such in hallways, stairways or other common areas is subject to full placement value charges. If the University cannot determine responsibility for damage to public or semi-private areas, each resident is along with other residents jointly responsible for the damages occurred. Students are responsible to pay all the charges when due according to the date set by the University.

    RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) is not liable for loss of money or valuables or damage to any property belonging to residents or their guests in or around the residences. Residents are liable for damages to university property. The university expects students to take reasonable precautions against theft of personal property by locking their doors whenever they leave their room.

    From 10:00PM until 07:00AM please make sure that you do not disturb other residents.

    The cost of living in the University hostel is €90.00 per month.

    The monthly cost covers:

    • Electricity Expenses
    • Water Expenses
    • Wireless
    • Free parking area during the night

    **When signing the contract, students pay a deposit fee of one full months rent €90.00 in order to help cover any damages caused while living at the hostel. If no damages occur during their tenancy this amount will either cover their last monthly rent or be refunded in full.

    Note: Rent Payments must be made no later than by the 5th of each calendar month.

    Bank Transfer before the 5th of each month to the following account:

    Amount: €90.00
    Name of the Bank : Raiffeisen Bank (RBKO)
    Account No: 150 100 100 334 2712
    Account name:  RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) College
    Description: Rent for the University Housing for (name and surname of the student).