Faculty Profile - Sara Baxley

Sara Baxley



MA in Philosophy from the New School of Social Research and a MA in International Affairs, with a concentration in Conflict Studies from the Milano School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy at the New School in New York City.

Ms. Baxley is originally from Southern Louisiana where she grew up dancing and practicing yoga.  During her undergraduate studies she deepened her studies in Eastern and Western Philosophy.  After completing her BA in Philosophy from Loyola University New Orleans, she moved to New York City to further explore modern dance.  While living in New York City, she completed her advanced yoga studies to become a registered yoga teacher.

She has taught in New York City colleges, and High School and Middle School in Kosovo.  Sara is a Fulbright scholar to Kosovo and has also worked with nonprofits furthering the rights of marginalized groups, people with disability and women.

Sara is interested in furthering interdisciplinary connections related to well-being more generally.  She seeks ways to practically apply these ideologies for a better understanding of our natural and interpersonal experience at the individual, communal and global levels.  Currently, she is exploring and developing simulation based methods of teaching and learning about these fields with an emphasis on understanding more precisely our obligation to protecting and promoting the well-being of all humans and natural organisms.

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