Modern Academic Facilities

Studying in a technology-oriented campus gives our students the comfort of having easier access to information, staying updated with the world wide developments, and expanding their knowledge. Even though every student is equipped with a laptop as they get enrolled, there are three computer labs available for student usage. In addition to that, the RIT Kosovo Media Center offers all the technology equipment necessary for the class requirements. A dedicated RIT Kosovo mobile app helps students find resources at their fingertips, stay connect with friends, and rate campus services. The two-floor, highly comfortable and cozy studying area at RIT Kosovo, with a physical collection of around 10,000 items and an online library with over 180 databases, ensure that our students will have easy access to information. Classes, conference rooms, the auditorium, and other facilities create a great environment for a smooth learning process.

RIT Kosovo Lab Area




RIT Kosovo Student Working on Desktop


Technology Picture of  a Drone