What people say about the RIT WGSS Program

Here is what previous and current students, faculty, and staff say about the RIT WGSS Program (courses, immersions, minors)

“We need to recognize those who came before and paved the way to the freedoms we have now and strive for and that is, in part, what we learn in WGST courses.” (Master of Science in Secondary Education student)

“WGSS curricular offerings challenge our understandings of our communities, societies, and ourselves.” (RIT staff member)

“I took a WGST course that not only focused on the reading of science fiction, but also on expanding our knowledge of how women have shaped science and science fiction as a whole. Professionally, it changed my perspective on how to use science in my daily career - rather than fighting science, I feel empowered by it and the knowledge of the women who come before me.” (Illustration Major)

“The topics we learn about and discuss in the WGSS courses need to be taught and must be accessible to everyone.” (English Major, WGST Minor)

“The WGSS courses make you a better human.” (School of Individualized Studies--SOIS Major)

“The WGSS courses encourage conversations that might not otherwise be had.” (New Media Design Major)

“The WGSS program offers a unique space for collaborative discussion and reflection at RIT. Its courses offer students an opportunity for academic inquiry, activism, creativity, and shared learning.” (CLA School of Communication faculty member)

“The WGSS curricular offerings help you think from perspectives you would have never thought from.” (Digital Humanities and Social Sciences—DHSS Major)

“Knowing about gender diversity through the WGST courses is important for when you consider whom to elect to our state and federal political systems.” (RIT staff member)

“The WGST course I took on women’s science/fiction has been one of the most informative classes I have ever taken at RIT. One important aspect of this class was the class discussions. They were always meaningful/in-depth and allowed everyone to voice their opinion. This class has positively expanded my perspective and viewpoint on women in science.” (Computer Engineering Major​)

“WGST courses have taught me perspectives outside my perspectives. They have taught me to be a better ally and a better leader.”

“In WGST courses I have learned that feminism is nothing to be afraid of; rather, it is something everyone should embrace if we want a more just society.” (Film and Animation Major)

“We need to take WGST courses because they offer us a safe space where to discuss relevant topics in areas most people are scared or embarrassed to talk about.” (Physics Major)

“WGST courses have helped to empower myself and other women in STEM.” (Computer Science Major)