Neurobehavioral Laboratory

The RIT Neurobehavioral Research Laboratory (NRL) focuses on psychophysiological and neuropsychological correlates of impulsive and aggressive behavior, particularly in the context of alcohol and substance use. Some of the techniques used in the NRL include event-related brain potential (ERP) assessment of brain function, neuropsychological assessment tools (e.g., executive function, memory, etc.), and heart rate variability biofeedback (HRVB). Research projects typically involve self-reported, behavioral, and/or psychophysiological measurements of impulsivity and related constructs to better understand how these factors play a role in the development, maintenance, and treatment of substance use and abuse. Other projects in the lab have used these methods to examine related psychopathology such as behavioral addictions, obesity, personality disorder, and trauma.


EAS 2339


Rebecca Houston
Associate Professor