Language Placement Exam

Students who took a modern language in high school and plan to continue studying the same language at RIT must take the Language Placement Exam (LPE) before they register for their first course in the language at RIT.  They must start the sequence from the level determined by LPE, even if it is Beginning I.  Failure to do so may result in not being able to take a course in a modern language in the intended semester.

Here are a few things students should know:

  • The exam normally takes about an hour.  No special preparation is necessary.
  • Students will be notified by email about which level to take at RIT.  After the appropriate level is coded in the registration system, a student can register for the course. 
  • Exams are given on an ongoing basis throughout the year.  New incoming students can take the exam prior to beginning at RIT.  Some languages offer online format: contact the faculty below for details.
  • Students should start the process no later than three weeks before registration for an upcoming semester (allow four weeks during the summer) by contacting the faculty below with name, RIT email address and previous experience. 

Access the ASL Placement Test Request Form

Contact: Elayne Fife-Collier,


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Associate Professor
Department of Modern Languages and Cultures
College of Liberal Arts