Study abroad program to Ireland explores comparative criminal justice systems

Students have the opportunity to learn about comparative law and justice systems from an international perspective while spending two weeks in Waterford, Ireland as part of a summer 2022 study abroad program. Developed by Associate Professor Tony Smith, Ireland’s Culture, Society, and Criminal Justice program will introduce students to Ireland’s cultural patterns, historical traditions, social codes, and criminal justice system.

The program offers a comparative approach to the study of criminal justice as students study criminal justice challenges and solutions in both the US and Ireland. Professor Smith worked closely with the Waterford Institute of Technology when developing the program to provide RIT students a well-rounded view of Ireland's history, culture, and crime control strategies. After doing initial coursework in Rochester during the summer I session, students will spend the final two weeks of the course in Waterford, Ireland. They will meet with Irish national criminal justice officials and attend lectures from Irish faculty about Irish law, government, and criminal justice policies. Further insight into Ireland’s culture and history will be explored through guided excursions around Waterford, Waterford, Kilkenny, Dublin, Killarney, and other neighboring towns/cities.

Scholarship funding is available including RIT Education Abroad Travel Grants ($500-$1,000), College of Liberal Arts GO Grants ($500 for CLA majors/double majors), and additional funding (up to $500) for Criminal Justice majors.

Open to all undergraduate majors, Ireland’s Culture, Society, and Criminal Justice study abroad program is accepting applications through February 20, 2022. More information is available at:

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